wanted: Ft Worth Swap re-scheduled NEXT week-end April 14

sylviatexas1April 6, 2007

Since the forecast is for cold & rain, we're changing the Ft Worth Spring Swap date to NEXT week-end, April 14.

Everything else is the same:

Trinity Park, start at 10 AM,

swap til we drop,

rose propagation workshop,


potluck/shared lunch, etc.

It's my fault entirely:

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to make sure everything was ready, so I sorted, boxed, & labelled all the plants!

(It's like washing the car makes it rain & locking your cell phone in the car makes it ring.)

There may be a silver lining here, though:

some of the people who couldn't make it this week-end may be able to participate next week-end.

Thanks to all for your thoughtful input!

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just talked to Bobbie Mason;
she may be able to come since it's next week-end!

Bobbie always has millions of plants, & she's loads of fun!

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

I love Bobbie. She is such a wonderful woman. And a little crazy like the rest of us. Glad it's postponed cause I didn't really want to cook in the rain. But I'm still on for cooking next weekend.

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Hi all. Count me in for next wkend. Oh, I would love some of the ''redneck lupines'' also!lol

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Yippee!! Like I said in the other thread, next weekend is the Iris Show over at the BG. That makes it a double whammy fun day!! And I'll have several roses, tomato plants, altheas, acorn squash, and assorted garden junk. Don't worry Sylvia, it'll be great as usual and a little nice weather is worth waiting for. Cheryl

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Cheryl, what roses do you have?? I may want to see what I can trade you. I would like an acorn squash also.


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Weldon, I have Starry Night, Heirloom and a small Belindas Dream. I think I have a couple of others, but I can't remember what they were. Also the acorn squash are pretty small right now, and I have about 120 of them so you can have as many as you want.

Is anyone going to have iris? I have a new place prepared and would love some interesting varieties. I have purple ones and white ones and some purple and white ones! I'd love a few other colors if anyone has them. Cheryl

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Uh, Cheryl, I have iris (Hello, my name is Sylvia, & I have iris.)

I have an extra Well-Endowed (chrome yellow ruffled re-bloomer), some Anxious (smoky lavender ruffled re-bloomer), Crimson King (very early/re-bloomer, historic dark red-purple), "backhoe" iris (photo on Part Deux), yet another rescue that I ain't even told y'all about, I need to run by the place I got it & see if any have bloomed over there to see what the flowers look like, tons of historic yellows, at least one lavender/blue ruffled, & Cinnamon Girl.

You can have one, some, or one or two of each.

I'd love some acorn squash & another rose, Belinda's Dream if possible but it doesn't matter, so if Weldon wants it that's okay; I have tons of space here, & can put in a Belinda's Dream later (when Miss Venessa has time to root one for me, snork!).

any of that tickle your fancy???

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Youuuu betcha! Belindas Dream it is. Interesting history of this rose is that I got it several years ago from Botanic Gardens sale and planted it right away. It got real big real fast so I decided to move it, and lo and behold there were two separate plants in there. So I separated them to opposite sides of my rose garden. Then last fall one of them was so big I decided it needed still more space and I was moving it again. Well, there were still two plants in there. So this is the small of the two. It's a beautiful plant, has to greatest scent and the most beautiful blooms of all my roses, I was tempted to put it back in, but decided that two were enough. They never get diseases, or look leggy. I just love them. I wondered a couple of times if there really were three of them in that one pot or if it dropped seed. Whatever, it's yours. Cheryl

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seamommy - send me an email about swaping for roses... I love roses and trying to build a few up for the gardens here and at school. Would love to trade for anything - email Mitch

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Does anyone want to trade their 'Ballerina' rose...the one that has pretty red hips that helps the garden look good in the winter? I would luv to get cuttings if nothing else.
For trade, I have a small yucca plant, a small salmon-orange-colored rose (sorry for not knowing the name), a mini-red rose climber (beautiful, still don't know the name!),some President cannas if anyone is interested. I can't wait till Saturday!!

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is it a Red Yucca?
turns out my friend Vi is coming, & she needs some red yucca.

Sorry I don't have Ballerina rose, but I may have something else you can use. Please check my list(s).

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Hi SylviaTexas, This one has huge cream colored, mum-like flowers on a stalk and seems to bloom a couple of times a year. The flowers are very pretty but the leaves are pointed and sharp. There are a few more plants I plan on bringing. Am hoping for good weather tomorrow.
Hope to get to meet you. :-)

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