Where can I find longan trees

DeenmeeJune 12, 2011

Born and raised in Hawaii so I was surrounded by tropical fruit trees. I worked on my uncle's farm which had papaya, bananas, mango, lychee, rambutan, pineapple, etc. Now I live in Hayward, CA and was wondering if I could grow a longan tree. I know we are considered to be Northern CA but we hardly get in the low 30's and I could grow it in a large container so I could bring it indoors. So anyways I found some nurseries in the San Diego area but was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere in the Bay area (San Jose)and maybe Central area (Tracy-Modesto) that has longan trees for sale. Thank you

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Roger Meyer has plenty of a/l Kohala longans. Kohalas are the ones propagated in Hawaii from a Hak Ip seedling, if I remember correctly.

It's further south than you'd like, but it's closer than San Diego. You can ask if he ships, too

Roger Meyer
16531 Mt. Shelly Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
VOICE: 714-839-0796
E-MAIL: xotcfruit@yahoo.com

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newgen(9 Central California)

I go to Fountain Valley all the time, I can pick it up for you, and we meet in Bakersfield, that's a little closer for you. I'm trying to heal a Kohala myself, it had too much transplant shock, so I put it back in a container for now.

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Oops, I got mixed up with Kohala longan & Kaimana lychee.

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He, Roger Meyer, has a lot of longan tree and also some virities of mangos, cherimoyas, dragon fruit and Chinese date. You might consider getting more than longan if you gonna come by this way just bring a check or cash with you.

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

it's a private residence? and how is the pricing?

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I got in contact with Roger and he was very helpful telling me what could grow in Hayward. Also thanks Newgen for your suggestion. He also has Mangos and some lychee so I might have to buy those also although my wife already thinks our back yard is a jungle. Anyways thanks for all the help, I will keep in touch.

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The pricing is not that bad, all grafted mango is 75 dollars. Other plants in 15 gallon is 75 and 7 gallon is 35 dollars something like that.

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

hmm i could have saved some money on longan if it is only 75 bucks. his place is only 2-3 miles away from me too.

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He said the longan was 35 bucks but didn't tell me how big it was. Also Manila mango for 35 as well. Don't know about the lychee tho.

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

went to the goldenwest college swap meet in huntington beach this morning. it got a lot of fruit tree vendors selling wax jambu, atemoya, and longan etc. i thought they would be cheap since it was a swap meet after all and mostly people growing stuff out of their back yard, but wow, almost everything was over $100. the cheapest wax jambu was $35 at about 1'6" but a lady next to me said the fruit is small and try to get the taiwanese variety. then there was a $35 vietnamese guava tree at about 3 to 4 feet for $35 that i was really tempted to buy, but i didn't want to carry across campus to the car and the leaves were kind of yellow.

anybody on this board earn some money on the side selling trees at swap meet etc?

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phucvu, were these named cultivars?

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

not sure, only one guy got names around the trees, i think it was black diamond wax jambu or something. yea, i wish they would have the names and price on each tree so i don't have to ask. it feels kind of weird asking knowing you probably can't afford to buy. there was another plant that maybe i should have bought, the vanilla bean, this one guy had, it was pretty good size for only 20 bucks.

they probably bought the plants from mimosa or something and was able to air layered them since some of the trees had tags from the original nursery. but they did have those huge nursery pots for $8-12 that i couldn't find anywhere at lowes or home depot.

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