organic insecticide.. can I spray directly on tomatoes?

ameera(z11 Dubai)April 2, 2011

Hello, when I first posted when my plants were first planted in their final pots, I was told I had leaf miners on my tomato plants.

I had originally bought an organic pesticide named "pyrol", which is made with natural plant oils.

I sprayed the plant once and then looked up online more about leaf miners and learned that the plant can survive with leaf miners so I didn't spray again.

Now that I have tomatoes on the plants, today I was looking closely and there are tiny black flies on the tomatoes. I will post pics at the end of the post.

they don't think they look like fruit flies to me and they don't look like leaf miner flies. The leaf miner flies that were on my leaves all the time looked like teeny tiny bees (they had yellow and black stripes on their bodies) so I know these are a different type of flies on my tomatoes.

can I spray the tomatoes directly with the insecticide? if its not ok, would spraying the foliage while trying to avoid the tomatoes themselves be enough to deter them?

P.S. this is way off topic but for those who are interested and haven't heard about it, there is a live cam on an eagle nest and so far one egg has hatched and two more to go!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Well I'm no authority, to say the least, on pest problems in Dubai, but as a general rule unless they are doing damage or unless there is a severe infestation then there is no need to do anything.

Most "bugs" in the garden pose no threat but unnecessary spraying of chemicals, no matter the type, does. So seeing some bug doesn't automatically mean you need to drag out the pesticide. You learned that with the leaf miners. :)

It is impossible to tell from the pics what it is. it may be a black winged aphid but it could also be 100 other types of small flies or gnats attracted to the moisture. I wouldn't worry abut it but if you want to spray something then first make sure that pesticide lists it is effective for the pest and then avoid spraying the fruit directly as much as possible.


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Bets(z6A S ID)

Does the lable give any indication of holding times when used on plants for food? If it does it should be safe to use, just be sure to wash the fruits well.

Personally for those little gnats, I'd use an insecticidal soap such as the Safer brand. Failing that you can make your own by using the recipe at this link: Homemade Insecticidal Soap It is pretty darn simple, you just need to make sure you are getting SOAP and not detergent.

I've been keeping an eye on our Perigrine Falcons in Boise, ID for several years now. The Falcons have come back to the nest, but haven't laid any eggs yet.


Here is a link that might be useful: Boise, Idaho Peregrine Falcon Camera - Live Video Feed

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