What's with these stink bugs??

susanzone5(z5NY)February 2, 2006

For years we had ladybug invasions indoors (still have them) and this year we have these shield beetles that stink when you crush them. How DO they get into the house? They're huge. Anyone know why this is happening?

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Yuk!! Never heard of it. Ask your local cooperative extension, they had great info on the ladybugs.

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cbs_z5_ny(z5 NY)

Are they the Western Conifer Seed Bugs? We have had them for a few years - not huge numbers, but just a few here and there inside. Thankfully, they don't bite!


(from the Penn State Web Site below)
"Even though this insect does not bite or sting, it causes concern among occupants of homes, offices, and laboratories when it comes indoors. Complaints from residents increase as the insect becomes more active and conspicuous on days in the fall and spring when the temperature is above freezing. In several areas in the northeastern United States, this insect has created great alarm when large numbers of adults suddenly invade houses looking for overwintering sites."

Here is a link that might be useful: Western Conifer Seed Bug

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Thanks, Carolyn. That's the one. They are creepy when they are crawling on me or my sofa. I've gotten used to ladybugs on me, but these things are too huge. I have tight windows, so I am clueless as to where they are getting in.

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I saw these guys outside last summer and wondered what they were. I'd never seen them in my 35 +- years in Ulster County. Sure hope they don't find their way indoors. After I saw them on the link, I dreamed they were stuck to my legs :-0


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