Mountain Lion Siting in Massena NY

muskiemagucFebruary 25, 2010

I was enformed by a relieble source that he had seen a mountain lion in Massena N.Y. on Feb.25, 2010 at 7:00am in the morning within an hour I was in the woods with a bottle of water and 2 quarts of dry plaster and a video camera. I was given very spicific instructions to the location of the sighting, we had a foot of wet packy snow and the tracks were not hard to find. I started to back track from where I found the tracks to determine where the cat had come from. What surprised me was when I came to a spot where two cats had been walking together, but had gone in two different directions. I had been following a large set the new ones were large but a little smaller so Idecided to follow them. I came to an area where these same track made a small circle and I noticed the cat had urinated and the urine was blood stained (menstrual) by now these tracks were about 2 hours old an the blood/urine had started to dispurse into the snow to about 2ins. in diameter and to a depth of 2ins. I followed the tracks for a 1/4 mile and they joined up with the other set of larger tracks. After following them about an Hr. I came to a spot where they had bedded down.Up to this time the tracks were meandering back and forth. But when I came upon the tracks that were leaving the bed they were in a straight line and the tracks indicated very hurried exit,I feel I had spooked them. I followed them for a while and came upon a bloody urine spot but this time the urine had not soaked into the snow I knew I was close. Then I came to a barbed wire fence where the tracks went under I found a large patch of hair, the hair was not course but very fine, and almost golden to light brown in color. Moving along and following the tracks I heard a noise that sounded like something running through the brush. I decided to follow the larger of the two sets of prints. When I came to the spot were I heard the noise the animal had leaped the distance of about 8 to 9 feet and bolted from the area. I gave up the pursuit. I plaster cast and took photos of the foot prints. Collected the hair and the bloody urine which I have in my freezer. I dont know where to take the hair and urine to have it analyzed If anyone knows were to take it please let me know, I feel I have the proof that there are mountain lions in NEW YORK STATE.

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Good for you.

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We spotted a mountain lion in Hamlin, NY, right off Rt. 19 where the town just put in a new trail system.

We had a similar experience to others posted here. Two of saw the cat as were hiking today.

At first, I spotted the cat as it ran across the main path, but I thought it was a VERY big fox, because of the red color (not really thinking cougars here).

After we got deeper into the woods, on a side trail, we came across it dead on about 100 feet ahead, but thinking at first it was a deer -- until I saw the cat's head, and thought geez, that looks like tiger. Then, I realized OMG --that is, it's a mountain lion!

We both saw it at the same time, and I never turned, tucked tail, and ran so fast! We hauled out of there scared skinny that cat saw us.

We made a narrow escape, when I saw that head my animal instinct kicked in, I knew we were in big danger.
I felt like we were back on the steppes of Africa suddenly exposed, like in a dream, where you are suddenly confronted with an attacker.

So there you have it, sighting of cougar along Lake Ontario, western NY, about 30 miles northwest of Rochester. Anyone else care to verify?

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