We have Snow!!!

wantoretire_didFebruary 2, 2007

Can it be that we are going to have an early spring???? In spite of the spring we have had all winter????

It's snowing here in Saratoga County, NY and it's beautiful. Maybe DH will have to fire up his snowblower for the first time this year.


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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

Hi Carol -

We had some snow here, too. Just around an inch and that's plenty for me! I have enjoyed this lovely global warming weather. I am quickly become an advocate for Aqua Net hair spray :) (joke) Let's hope Phil is on the money and we can get out into our gardens early! I've got so much to do, I could use the extra time outdoors.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Dunkirk Dave here saw his shadow even though Phil didn't. I hope that doesn't mean that the Buffalo area will have 6 more weeks of winter. We have enough snow here. only a few inches but more than I need.


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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

We got our second "serious" snowfall of the year finally - 2"!! (It was 2" last time, too, on Dec. 27.) How strange this winter has been. I'm glad to have a bit of snow insulation over my garden before the arctic blast hits us today and into early next week. My kids want to sled, and we finally have snow, but now it's way too cold - the wind chills are brutal.


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Hi all.
My 1st true post here on this forum anyway. Yepp a whole 2" of powdery snow! I love this weather,it sure beats (dare I say it)shoveling a ft of the wet stuff! A bit of cabin fever here, already have my seeds, just waiting on time now.

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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

dunnn57 - Have you found the winter sowing forum yet? You can start your tomatoes early with that method. I think they do their toms a little later in the year but you can check with them on the best time to start. I do perennials and I got to garden all day yesterday! The perennials can go outside in the cold now. I got 50-60 pots outside yesterday! I used to get the cabin fever, too...

There are a lot of us here that winter sow, it sure helps pass the long, cold winter if you are an avid gardener. You might enjoy it.

Last nights forecast said I should stay indoors all of this week, brrrr!

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andrizzle(5a CNY)

We have been getting dumped on here in Syracuse for the last week or so... probably a foot and a half.

The poor people up in Parish, Oswego, etc. got 46" in 24 hours!

I'm just hoping my irises that started coming up at the end of December will be alright come April...!

Spring can't come soon enough!

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lblack61(z5 NY)

We definitely have snow...but we were long overdue. It's funny that the guy from the Weather Channel was stuck in Parish for two days, to the point that he started enjoying it, playing in the snow...lol. I'm about to do the same thing! :-) (My back yard yesterday, before another foot of snow fell overnight)

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lblack - That is beautiful. I just checked weather.com and for the next 10 days we are only predicted to have some flurries. I'd like at least 1 good snowfall this year.


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penny1947(z6 WNY)

That would make a beautiful Christmas card. We still only have a few inches here in Niagara County but I am not complaining. I wish it would hurry up and warm up as I am running out of room for my plants that have decided to wake up and start growing again. I hope all of you in the heaviest hit areas are doing ok and staying warm.


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We have snow too - 83 inches of it. On Monday I thought it was very pretty, took some pictures, posted one of the on channel 9 Syracuse website. By today, I don't think it's pretty anymore. I work for Oswego school district and haven't been to work all week. I finally got out today for some groceries. We bought a new snowblower tonight and I learned how to run that. I just can't wait for spring. I hope Phil was right and that it will be an early spring.

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