HAVE: Mercer area swap haves and wants

jennifer9906(8/9)April 3, 2009

Hi everyone,

Please feel free to post haves and wants for the swap here.....

I can bring the following if anyone wants:

Dietes iris

American Beuty berry bush

Asparagus Fern

Sword Fern

Silver leaf hedge?

orange double daylily

Not sure what else... will dig around... just moved last fall ( bought a house... yay!) and trying to figure out what survived

Looking for :

Texas Star Hibiscus - red and white both died in the move

Turks cap


anything colorful

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We have some bald cypress seedlings
Banana canna
Castor bean plant
Water plants including parrot feather and frogbit
Assorted stuff.
Not that much as we are still recovering from Ike but it's getting better. Everything from the fall trade is doing great! I'll try and remember to put in oleander cuttings next week.

Toads, tadpoles, worms. All killed off by Ike. I bought 5 lbs of worms from Decker worms in Magnolia but I'd like to have some nice fat garden worms. The red wigglers are in tubs (internet plans) and growing.

Phillipine violet (Ike victim)
Daylillies (Ike strikes again!)
Anything that tolerates lots of sun as we now have lots of sun!
Water plants for the new pond ( and someone to finish digging it! LOL!!)
Tally & Jim

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janet_w(TX 8)

Jennifer I have a Texas Star Hibiscus seedling theres 3 growing in 1 pot if youÂd like to trade for the American Beuty berry bush.

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Yadda(8-9 TX)

I have several cigar plants to bring. Ike forced me to buy a whole house generator so I had to relocate my cigar plant. Some of the these are almost 3 feet tall. I will also bring Incense passion flower, epazote (for those of you that like to grow herbs) and other plants to be named later. Yadda out.

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Sounds like Yaddas is the place to go next hurricane! I'd love a passion vine, all the ones on the island died.

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Yesterday I potted up some: alstromeria

an unknown perennial that is in the mint family-gets a flower spike of pale blue/white flowers later in the year

costus gingers (small starts)

roses-from cuttings from Yadda at the fall trade-very well rooted

Does anyone want a clivia? I have a fairly large one that is now in full sun. Between Ike and having the trees trimmed we have almost no shade anymore. Very strange, I'm used to full shade and now we have full sun. If anyone wants it let me know & I'll dig it up. It will need a shady spot, blooms orange. I'm going to dig it up anyway but I'll bring it with us.

Will post more as we dig and seperate.
Tally HO!

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Jennifer wants the clivia.
I also have some variegated cast iron plant I'll probably bring. We have almost no shade anymore and it was getting fried so I dug it all up. Have some plain green also.

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malmason(9, Houston TX)

Dear all,

Here is my have & want list:

Aloe barbadensis - upon request, brought as bareroot
Apple Mint
Dutch Iris (blue flower)
Garlic Chive
Hedychium "Luna Moth Ginger" - upon request, brought as bareroot
Hedychium Coronarium - Butterfly Ginger - upon request, brought as bareroot
Hedychium Coronarium "Peach Delight" - upon request, brought as bareroot
Jasmine "Maid of Orleans"
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Rose Scented Geranium
Salvia Greppi Pink
Salvia Guaranitica "Black and Blue"
Salvia Microphylla "Hot Lips"
Any of rose cuttings as requested. Please see my profile for the detail.

Any herbs - especially Cilantro, Lavender, Mint, Thyme
Anything fragrant
Crown of Thrones
Ground cover

See you there!

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tamixwp(SE Texas 9a)

Tally, I have water plants and might be able to get you some tad poles. I have a massive bull frog that I might hire a gang to catch if you want him.:-)
Here is my list of haves and wants. I'm headed out to look for more stuff.
Copperleaf- Alternanthera reineckii
Four leaf Clover Variegated-Marsilea quadrifola variegate
Hardy Frog Bit- Limbonium spongeanum
Parrots Feather- Myriopyllum aquatica
Variegated Water Celery Oenanthe Javanica "Flamingo",
Water Hyacinth- Eichornia crassipies
White Snowflake
Arrowhead- Sagittaria latifolia
Bog Lily-Crinium americanum
Canna 'Bengal Tiger'
Canna Wyoming
Pink and White Mexican Bluebell
Chocolate Mint
Creeping Jenny
Fairy lilys pink
Forget-Me-Not- Myosotis palustris
'Gold Strike Rush' Juncus effuses
Horsetail Rush- Equisetum hyemale
Pickerel Rush Blue
Sensitive plant-Aeschynomene fluitan
Star Grass Dichromena colorata
Sweet Flag Dwarf Variegated
Taro Green - Colocasia esculenta
Taro Violet stem
Thalia- Thalia dealbata
Umbrella Palm
Variegated Dwarf Bamboo
Widows tears spiderwort
Musa Zebrina Blood Banana
Coral Honeysuckle Lonicera sempervirens
Caster bean seedlings
Taro Green
Taro Black
Taro Violet stem.
Artemesia 'Lime Light'
Creeping Fig Green
Plectranthus amboinicus Variegated Cuban Oregano
Vinca major-Greater Periwinkle 'Variegata' 'Firepower'
Agave americana Variegata Century plant
Agave Blue Jazz
Aristolochia fimbriata White Veined Hardy Dutchman's Pipe
Nandina domestica 'Firepower'
Bulbine Frutescens
Kalanchoe -Bryophyllum daigremontianum Mother of Thousands
Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi Variegata "Creamed Scallops"
Kalanchoe "Gastonis Bonnieri"- Donkey Ears plant
Opuntia microdasys Bunny Ears Cactus
Opuntia Prickly Pear
Clematis 'Sweet Autumn'
Nephrolepis exaltata `Bostoniensis' Boston fern
Arundo donax 'Variegata' (Variegated giant reed)
Liriope Green
Hibiscus Confederate Rose
Lantana, Gold lantana
Lantana montevidensis (sellowiana)Purple Trailing Lantana
Cycas revolute Sago Palm
Philodendron Monstera Oblique Leichtlinii 'Swiss Cheese'
Philodendron Radiatum Dubia Special Trade
Philodendron Scandens Heart Leaf Philodendron
Philodendron Scandens Medio Pictum - "Flame Leaved Heart Plant"
Philodendron Xanado
Ruellia squarrosa Creeping ruellia 'Blue Shade'
Tradescantia minima Callisia repens Bolivian Jew
Salix cinerea 'Tricolor' Japanese Dappled Willow
Lonicera japonica Japanese , Purpleleaf Honeysuckle
Lonicera sempervirens (Coral Honeysuckle)
Passiflora Vitifolia
Senecio confusus (Mexican Flame Vine)
Beaucarnea recurvata Pony Tail Palm

Plants I want
Thunbergia Blue Sky Vine
Thunbergia mysorensis
Strongylodon macrobotrys "Jade Vine"
Oxalis deppei 'Iron Cross'
Musa I dont have
Gingers I dont have
Rose Joseph's Coat
Palms I dont have
Hoyas I dont have
Texas Star Hibiscus Pink and White
Ferns I dont have that will live outside during our Winters
Clematis I dont have
Butterfly bushes
Alocasia I dont have. Lost several over the winter

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tamixwp(SE Texas 9a)

Does anybody have any sprouted potatoes? We planted ours before the first big rain and they have most all rotted.


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Yadda(8-9 TX)

I'm bringing a few cassia corymbosa (sulfur butterfly host plant) and rock rose (pavonia - the brazilian one with the white flowers and magenta throat. I'll probably have a couple of banana pups - edible bananas, but I have no idea what cultivar it is.

As usual I'm always looking for edible plants or fruiting plants and I also collect, passion flowers, and bulbs/lillies/roses/iris.

Yadda out.

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Tadpoles! If I had the pond dug I'd take the bullfrog. I think he'd just jump out of the tank though. I've got parrot feather and frogbit-it survived in the pots on the upper deck.
I'll buzz by Walmart, they did have seed taters & they were sprouting, 1/2 price! I put some in the community garden just for fun.
That last rain storm here beat the garden to death! Between the 10-15" of rain, wind...
Tally HO!

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Is anyone interested in any elephant ears? I'm getting ready to yank a bunch. Tally, can you save me a variegated cast iron? I'm going to be getting everything together this week. I'm sure I'll have a truckload again.

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Hi All,

I think I'm bringing:
Yellow Louisiana Iris
White Butterfly Ginger
dwarf cardamom ginger
Garlic Chive

They are all free to go.

I'm only looking for named Daylily and named Japanese/Louisiana/Siberian irises at this time.
If you have any annual bedding plants, I'd love to have them also.
Please check my exchange list too.


- Seiko

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Thank you Tami,

I guess I am finally in the right place.

After, reading the previous post,
Tally and Malmason - I have some day lilies I could dig up and bring. They are not anything fancy. One is the orange single ones that have been around forever. I dug mine from my mom's yard. The other are solid yellow. Also for Malmason, I have Swedish Ivy if you want that for a ground cover. I might still have some periwinkle too. I am not sure. I have been trying to clear it out so long. Don't know if any is left. If it is, it would just be a start, not a lot. I know I could bring you a start of the Variegated Periwinkle.

Now for the things I can bring:
I have 2 older gardening books. They are titled 10,000 Gardening Questions and it is Volumes 1 & 2

2 Baby Starfish Cactus

African Violet - The color is a little hard to describe. not exactly a light purple. Blooms have a white center.

3 baby African Violets - These are ones I rooted. The mama plant had green leaves with white in the center of each leaf. The blooms were pink.

Small Wisteria

Mexican Poinsettias

Rose bush - blooms red

Spiderwort - this is the tall one

A succulent - maybe an Agave?

Earlier this week I dug up several large Cyrnums. They make a beautiful soft pink bloom. I threw them in pots, shoveled some dirt in there and watered them. I don't know how they will look on Saturday, but think they will do fine with some TLC.

I also dug some Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and did the same with them. They are more sensitive than the Crynums, but if they look like they will make it,I will bring them.

I need to thin out several other things but don't know if I will have time. If you want something let me know and I will do my best to get it there. These include:

*Kolanche - red
*Lilies - White don't know the type
*4 O'clocks some are yellow, some are fuchsia - unfortunately they are mixed so I can't guarantee what you would get
*Mexican Petunias - tall
*Mexican Petunias - regular both Pink & Purple
*a few tall yellow Iris (foliage gets to about 5")

I would like to have some herbs or veggies for a friend who is doing a patio container garden. I know he already has lots of tomatoes, some Spearmint and Basil. He gave me most of the stuff I brought to the Fall Swap, so I would love to return the favor.

For myself, I would like
Plants that do well with shade or filtered light.
Moss Rose or Pursalane
Cactus - not really sure what it's called. My mom had it when I was little. She called it Hens & Chicks. It had the small circular ones and tall ones too.

Thanks a bunch - looking forward to Saturday.
Karen aka historyreborn

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jjayt(9 tx)

Hi Guys,
I cant wait for the swap. I havent been able to get to one since fall of 07. I had to tell my boss I would call in sick for a week if he did not give me off this Sat. I cant believe it worked!!
Here is my list of haves and wants:

I have:
3 gladiolas
1 mystery iris
1 avocado seedlings (5 inches tall)
1 cashmere bouquets
1 cilantros
2 mints
4 can birdhouses
3 garden bugs
1 glass birdhouses
1 mosaic paving stones

I like edible plants.
I really would like a kumquat tree. Mine was a victim of Hurricane Ike. Other than that, tempt me. I think I go for the wonderful company as much as the wonderful plants.

Tally - I would like to trade for a bald cypress seedling, I dont have a real bug but I have a cute ladybug for the garden.

Yada- I would like to trade something for a incence passion flower and a sultfer butterfly host.

Trade I already have:
Tami wants an avacado tree, preg onion and cilantro for Horsetail Rush, Variegated Dwarf Bamboo, and Taro Violet stem.
Noreen wants a bird house and paving stone for a shrimp plant, tree catus, pepper plant, and a miricle fruit.
Seiko wants a bird house, paving stone, and a garden bug for papw paw, lime, peach, and persimmon trees.
Karen wants mint for an ameryilis ( i know i misspelled that).
Let me know if I missed anythin.

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Tami-taters, hoya
Daisy-Variegated cast iron
Karen-cast iron, clivia
Jennifer-clivis, alstromeria
Jeanette-Bald cypress seedlings

See ya'll tomorrow!!
Jim & Tally HO!

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