Finally Repotted my Glenn

puglvr1(9b central FL)June 13, 2011

Some of you might remember my potted Glenn fell over on a windy day in the winter and cracked the pot. After months of deciding whether to use the nursery black pot or the Fabric pot, I decided to use the Nursery pot because I will be moving this plant many times in the winter and I feel that the fabric pot will just be way too unstable using the Dolly. I'm thinking the risk is much higher of it tipping over moving it in the garage and back out again.

Anyways, here's some DH was NOT happy having to lift this pot to place it in the new pot,lol. He said if I have to repot again...its going in the ground, ha, ha!

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

wow....looks like you repotted it with the fruit on it! Gutsy move Pugsy....anyway the new pot looks like the perfect solution!

many years of dreams fulfilled.....mangodawg

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is that a 15g? you do a great job growing mangos from containers. are you planing to transplant that Glenn in your yard soon?


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marinfla(10 South Florida)

You are brave...I think I might have been afraid to do that with the fruit still on it!! Is your new pot as high/tall as the old one??
I need to repot my Lancetilla. It is getting too big for the 20 gal so am planning for a 25 or 30 gal upgrade.

My Cogshall did bloom again and it is holding lots of little fruitlets this time!! I am very happy about that. I will be trying my first Pickering in a day or so!! I had two on the tree and someone stole one off the tree the day before I was going to harvest least I get to try the first one. I will let you now how it is.

Your Glenn looks great!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks!! YES, I am brave or maybe crazy. You guys are right...I know that you're not suppose to repot them when they still have fruits but...Actually, the fruits on this tree is SO close to ripening that's the only reason I decided to go ahead and repot it. Normally, I wouldn't have done it if the fruits were still small. I'm thinking a few more days or a week or so...either way I'm going to eat them green or ripe, so I wasn't worried if they fell,lol...

Mangodog, this is not the first time I repotted this with fruits, but the last time it only had one left and it stayed on the tree till I picked it two weeks later. I've also repotted Citrus with fruits and haven't had issues, very lucky I guess.

Marin, I was very lucky to find this is very close to the same height as my other one 18" tall. The width is bigger on the nursery pot which is good because I wanted to find something slightly wider but NOT too big. This one is perfect plus it doesn't taper on the bottom. Another plus so it should be a LOT sturdier and more unlikely to tip over.

JF, I have NO idea how many gallons this nursery pot is...but after researching the sizes, I found this one website that says this.

"(27.58 Gallon Nursery Pot) 22" X 18"color>

Going by those measurements...mine are 25" from end to end and 18 1/4" tall so maybe mine is around 30 gallon?


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newgen(9 Central California)

Great job puglvr1,

Is that the gritty mix? How come the mix didn't fall apart when you cut open the old container? Lots of roots hold it in?

What's "DH"? I understood it to be your husband. What do the letters DH stand for? 8-))

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Those large plastic home depot pots are horrible. Had the same experience with the cracking/disintegration with the same kind of pots....its made worse every time you have to move the trees.

The nursery pot should hold up much better.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

JF, I forgot to answer your other question...I'm not planning on putting it in the ground unless I have NO choice...only if the tree ends up getting too large to fit in and out of the garage. I was really not wanting another inground tree to have to cover and heat in winter.

Newgen, YES, I'm using the gritty mix...I'm guessing the roots are holding in the gritty mix pretty well. I only lost a little bit when my DH lifted it up. Yes, DH stands for either "Dear Husband" or Dearest Husband" or something to that affect.

Squam, I agree with you about the black nursery pot should be much better for long term.

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good looking mango tree.

by my calculations, that's about 8800 cubic inches or about 38 gallons.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Nice job. I agree with Squam. While the containers look good, they simply become brittle over time. I crack most of mine just trying to slide them rather than pick up. Getting to a point where I just say "screw it, it's a new fashion".

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Houstontexas and Jay!!

Wow, thanks for calculating the size of my Pot houstontexas...much larger than I thought it was. I really don't want to go larger after this, I'll just have to trim the roots in a couple of years, but I'm not even mentioning that to my hubby now, ha,ha.

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Beautiful tree!!! I'm am buying my next tree tomorrow and I plan on keeping it potted for the next 4 years or so. After that I want to pant it in the ground and let it grow to about 15ft. I'm still havnt decided if I should get a Glenn or a lancetilla. Seeing ur Glenn over the many posts over much time has been making me mean more and more towards getting a Glenn. Couple questions tho... Have u ever had to root prune ur Glenn? And has it been difficult to keep it so short over the years? And this is to everyone....Glenn or lancetilla????

Thanks everyone and especially pug for the beautiful tree pics over the years that have motivated me to get into mangos in the first place!!!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks!! I've been pretty lucky...I've NOT have to root prune my Potted Glenn yet. I just repotted it almost a week ago to a larger pot, hopefully I won't have to root prune for at least 2-3 years? We'll see...

I won't tell you which one to get as taste is subjective. I do agree that sometimes when Glenn gets too much water(like too much rain) that you can't control makes some of the fruits get a "watered down" flavor sometimes. So I will let you make that decision. Having said that I love my Glenns...I've never tasted lancetilla so I can't comment on that. I also have a very small/young lancetilla but its planted in the ground, freeze damaged at least twice. Good luck with your decision.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Ate my very first Glenn mango off this tree today. It was excellent! Only thing was the mangoes on this tree is pretty small...but the taste more than made up for the small size. Excellent...NO fiber, very sweet and very good flavor. I wish my inground Glenn would survive the freeze just once so I can taste the fruits from that tree. BTW, None of the mangoes have fallen off the tree due to repotting it. Guess I dodged that bullet.

Posted this on another thread as well...made some Mango Salsa from Tommy Atkins...really delicious!

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