Tara's 11 annual swap, WOW! have vs wants

nixon(z5ny)March 7, 2014

I sure hope to make it this year, I will have my usual deep shade mix.
looking for
yellow peony, isn't everyone
non yellow trout lily
non blue Jacobs ladder
any hellebores
any moss
double bloodroot
fern peony
garden whimsy
will updater closer to date,

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

Can't wait!! Updated 5/7

want list:
reblooming iris especially Clarence (our old neighbors name, he passed away a few yeas ago) and Jean (my grandmas name) veronica, especially Royal Candles
bee balm, especially red
hosta, especially rainbows end, blue ivory, devils advocate, dark shadows, liberty, earth angel, shore master, beach captain, white christmas, wave runner, heat wave, wide brim, orange marmalade, ice age trail, fireworks...and pretty much any multicolored hosta lol.
ANY yarrow, but especially red yarrow
walkers low catmint
route 66 coreopsis
any quick spreaders like showy (Mexican) evening primrose (oenothera speciosa). We have an area we need to do erosion control in, it is not in a tended bed-as in, no watering unless it rains, etc-and is difficult soil-LOTS of clay, somewhat steep slope, right on the water so it gets wind. Full sun. I have planted some small starts of primrose, yarrow and some splits from lily of the valley and ditch lilies. We seeded crown vetch and an alternate lawn mix from American Meadows, but because it is so steep I am afraid a lot of seed might wash down before getting rooted in. So, anything that is usually annoying (at the very least) because it spreads quickly and forms a nice mat of roots is welcome in this particular place.

should have
day lilies (unknown variety and one that is possibly Stella D'Oro)
japanese quince (red flowering, this shrub as thorns and WILL spread via root sucker a good 15' from the parent plant)
rose of sharon (unknown colors we have several on our property line and there are different colors-mostly purple though)
wild violets (purple or white-these will spread but they aren't overly aggressive and it's easy to dig up unwanted volunteers)
White lilac seedlings
A BUNCH of bare root thornless honey locust trees, 2-4' high and leafing out

***does anyone do garden junk??? I have some things I can bring, like old sleds, a chicken crate, smaller crates...I'm cutting back on mine and have stuff leftover. We are going to be very light on plants to bring now-our neighbor surprised me this weekend and asked to collaberate on a large island bed that goes down our property lines (half on ours half on hers). It's got to be 20-30' long and at least 5' wide. And it was 99% weeds and grass (we never messed with it because she "tended" it). Now most of my extras are going in there so I feel bad that by year 3 we still aren't going to have much!

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Terra, I have everything you are looking for , you have to wait for spring, Hiam

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Is this a plant swap or a seed swap? Is it open to anyone? where and when is it if it is?

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Could I also get info if this is happening?

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

What to bring to the swap: Please feel free to bring any plants you would like, of any size. There are no size restrictions (even Winter Sown plants are welcomed!!) or limitsâ¦bring as many or as few plants as you have to trade. Trees and shrubs are also acceptable. Other garden related items are also welcome including garden tools, books, seeds, bird feeders, etc.

It's in Hamlin, NY

On Sunday June 1st

Look for "gardenfrog" (Tara) and send her an email from gardenweb. She is the host and will send you an invite with more details. Here's her profile http://www.gardenweb.com/auth/nph-logincheck.cgi?action=public_profile&user=garden_frog

We've gone for the past few years and it's a great time. Great people, lots of plants. There's a potluck too. Yum!

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greenmanmelon(zone 5)

Hi Tara:

This sounds like my kind of plant exchange.
Can bring rooted plants Bee Balm, Echinecea, Black eyed Susan, cleome.
email with details, time date, etc.

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

Hi all! Glad to see some people are thinking about what they're bringing and what they are looking for! Don't forget, this year I have a want/have list on google docs so it is available to everyone. See the link below. I don't think anyone's posted their stuff there yet (probably because most people still don't know what they'll have since the gardens are just getting started!)

For those that haven't attended in the past - shoot me a message through gardenweb with your email address and I will send you an invite with all the details. Often times, gardenweb will block your email address, so be sure to include it or I won't have a way to send you an invite. As eclecticcottage says above, it's the first Sunday in June each year and always a great time! Plants of all sizes are welcome and we are a pretty laid back group. It really is a nice afternoon spent with gardening friends and new people are always welcome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Want/Have list

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Nixon, I just bought a yellow ITOH peony at Lowe's for $30. It's the best price I've seen on them. Just FYI.

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Wish there was an annual swap like this around here!

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

Heather - I would LOVE some of your garden junk. I've been trying to find some but suck at it!

I'm brainstorming on some hill stuff. I've got a TON of varigated vinca - we can dig you as much as you want as it's now growing wild on the edge of my property by the veggie garden. What about obedient plant? (Or does it have to be low to the ground)? What about spiderwort? i have some that grows ANYWHERE.

I've also got some red bee balm.

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

I'm not sure about the vinca, we'll try some and see if it will work in the bluff area. I took pics last night and meant to upload them, but...well...I'll try to remember tonight, lol. I'll take some spiderwort too. I split my clump already, I didn't think to try that.

I have discovered more garden junk as well, see pic. A couple runner sleds, a big dock bumper, some plant pots, a neat old metal kitchen step stool (two steps), a chimney cap (I found a really cute bird feeder made from one attached to an old pie tin on Pinterest), a couple old metal tool boxes, an old metal gas can...I'm sure there's more but that's what I can remember off the top of my head.

I'd also like to try some liriope if anyone has some!

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Hi everyone, long time no post. I have elephant ear corms and canna musafolia rhizomes. If anyone has any cool tropical looking plants that's what I'm interested. See y'all at the swap.

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

Here's our steep slope!

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

Glen - I sent you an email - check your email if you get a chance!! Also - can I snag an elephant ear corm?

Heather - I would love one of the sleds please! And holy cow - that is steep! I'll pot up a bunch of the spiderwort for you. And I'll pull some vinca too. The variegated variety actually seems to be more aggressive so I'd try that.

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

I'll let you choose your sled, the bigger one is in better shape :) TY on the spiderwort and vinca.

The chimneycap bird feeder:

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Tara, no problem with the elephant ear, see you soon.

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