Mango Seeds

wildomJune 27, 2012


Is there anyone that can send me some mango seeds here in So Cal.

I can send you a prepaid envelope.

Im looking for Glen and NDM.

Please let me know.


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im a novice mango hobbyist, so i dont have any seeds. maybe some of the Cali growers may have some or can point you to a reputable nursery for some grafted trees. good luck.

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Glenn is not polyembryonic so it will not come true from seed.

The NDM is Poly, so it will come true from seed.

If you know how to graft, or know someone that does, all you need is to get some seedlings of any type mango preferably a polyembrionic. and purchase scions. Fruitlovers from Hawaii sells Scions but I think he has a 100 dollar minimum, you can also try the rare fruit council in CA or ask for scions right here.

NDM seeds are often offered on ebay. and are available from

Another source may be your local asian markets, if you can find a NDM which should be in season if not soon, you can just buy the fruit and plant the seed.

The advantage of scions, is, you will have a fruiting tree

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So you're saying the asian market which sells the "green mango" are the NDMs?
I don't know how to i'll try the market or ebay for seeds.
Thanks for the info.

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You would need to ask at the Asian markets about the variety there are lots of different kinds, NDM is pretty popular though.

there are NDM seeds for sale on ebay also, if you cannot find them locally. and the website I mentioned before, "Simply-Thai" sells all kinds of tropical seeds, including NDM seeds, although I have ordered from Simply Thai some smaller type seeds in envelopes, I have not ordered mango seeds, so not sure on any restrictions on importing from there. Just keep checking Ebay and Craiglist , you might get lucky and find a live plant close to you.

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