hey pancrazio

phucvu(10 b oc ca)June 28, 2011

inspired by your masonry skill, i decided to fix the backyard fence probably damaged by a car accident or something.

how's your project coming along?

here's some update:

pear before


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Pancrazio(8b - 9a)

Hi phucvu! Thanks for asking.
I'm looking at my two little mangos wich are still on my Glenn on daily basis (sometimes even twice at day) and if this doesn't make them drop, i should be fine for next two months. Here temperatus have hitted the 90F about ten days ago (actually a bit more than 30 Celsius) and this should be this way till the end of august, with very little rain. Classical mediterranean summer. The fruit now are more or less big as my thumb: i really hope the will be able to ripen. Unluckly i don't have any idea if they will make it, just a rumour about someone able to ripe some Kensington Pride them in Rome. Just today i have been back on calculation. I have found a interesting article in internet about the calculation of the heat required to obtain ripe Kensington Pride mangos, and apparently i have a bit more than the bare minimun, but less than the recommended hours: i hope that, since i actually have a Glenn (wich should be an early season mango), it takes less hours of heat to ripe.
The tree anyway isn't growing at all. It just putted out 5-7 leaves or so since i planted it in may. This was expected (i knew i should have pruned the fruits, but i really need to know if they can ripe here before the winter) but i hope it doesn't have a bad effect on frost resistance. If i succeed, and the plant is still alive on the next spring, i will allow it to grow.
I'm not even sure if it is a good idea to water it. I want roots to go deep but i also want to help the tree as much as possible.
For now i have postponed the build of the structure to august/september, i fear that too much work around the tree can damage it. On 1st July i'll do a photo to the fruits for reference.... so maybe someone here can give me some advice. :)
Do you plan to grow a mango in your backyard? Your pear is coming out nicely, if it does like mine, you'll have to prune it on the next year. :)

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

i'm a lazy guy, any fruit that needs a knife to eat i try to avoid, but i think i'll grow some mangoes in container, since i already got 2 seeds germinating from store bought mangoes that was surprisingly low fiber. i'm trying to replicate what we had back home save a few. gonna try for wax jambu and papaya next. the pear tree got new growth but the apple tree bought at the same time remains the same, it's probably dead.

for some reason it hasn't been that hot in orange ca, it's always overcast in the morning, but it's heating up.

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