Baileys Marvel-fruit above and BELOW graft..

stanofhJune 25, 2011

That crazy tree's fruiting is still ongoing. Two small mangos-pea sized,but growing below graft, and many above the graft. As usual,I would hope for a few to hold on.

WHAT is Baileys grafted on anyways?..Is it the same as what they grown here in the Coachella Valley commercially?

If you need pics as proof..otherwise, its like I said-lol.

btw We are on a very nice run of sunny-mild-to warm -to hot weather...its the S.F. bay area way.

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if it was grafted by a retail nursery its probably turpentine.

seedling mangos that have a turpentine flavor and usually stringy fruit make the most preferable pest resistant rootstock, they may not even develop to be large fruit because it is a seedling, I was told turpentine doesnt always come consistently true, but because they usually carry the turpentine trait they make good rootstock

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You should take a snap of that; it's quite rare.


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