WANTED: Galveston County Plant Swap

pepa(z9 TX)April 7, 2013

Here is my list of plants which I have available for this years May 11, Galveston county plant swap

Golden Edge Duranta
Surinam Cherry
Pomegranate (very large fruit)
Rex Begonia (purple and green leaves)
Guava (large, sweet, yellow, seedy, and very fragrant)
Verbena (red, will try to brink purple also)
Mexican Bird of Paradise tree
Turnera Ulmifolia-yellow alder
Red Verbena, Purple Verbena
Brazilian Rock Rose
Will try to bring Miricle fruit, hope the fruit is ready. I have one small seedling
Purple oxalis- shamrock

* I will be adding more now that I've started working outside and can start digging up seedlings.

Wants: yard decorations, rocks, angels trumpet pink, purple, Loafah sponge, hibiscus syricus Blue Bird (Rose of Sharon) also Red rose of Sharon, purple coral pea (Hardenbergia violacea) toad lily,

⢠Have pics of lots of my plants some not on list. I may be able to get you seedlings, if not cuttings, bulbs, or seeds. I try to keep my pics updated please take a look.


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pepa(z9 TX)

red barleria (coral creeper)
yellow bells
gold and silver ajania
red powderpuff tree
burgundy cotton
yellow bells
Would really love some Red porter weed, thank you

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