Placement of Greenhouse/Sun requirements

eyeone1999(z6 Mass)April 13, 2012

I am attempting to grow Big Boy and Sweetie cherry tomatoes in a new "pop up" greenhouse that I just bought. I had to place the greenhouse in an area that will only get about 4-5 hours of direct sunlight a day. Although it is bright in the greenhouse, the sunrays are filtered through the opaque plastic covering. I started the plants from seed, under lights and have just moved them into the greenhouse this week. They are about 2 feet tall. Will they get sufficient sun in the greenhouse or will I need to move them out each day into the yard for direct sunrays? In other words, will tomatoes do well from just the bright light or do they need more actual sunrays until I can get them planted? I won't be able to plant them into the ground for about six more weeks here in zone 6.

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Which pop-up did you get? I'm building a greenhouse at the moment, from a kit, and will shortly have the same question you posted. Sorry I don't have experience to share, but am interested in the replies you get.

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eyeone1999(z6 Mass)

I got the Flower House FHSP300 SpringHouse Greenhouse. It is advertised to be able to fit two 6 foot tables in the greenhouse, but I've found that I can't zipper it closed because the table fits too tight from front to back. So, I have one 6' table and a card table in there along with a ceramic heater and a fan. It was very easy to put up - just shake it open and it actually popped up quite easily. The poles were easy to assemble too, it probably took about 20 minutes to assemble in all.

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