seed starting

jerome69(6)March 8, 2013

anyone start their seeds yet. i have some begonias started and was going to start some petunias next week.

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bernd ny zone5

I started hosta seeds middle of November, and they have grown now to nice size plants under 24 hrs light. That is, I continued to garden over winter.

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I was just thinking that it's time to start SOMETHING! I usually start parsley first because it takes so long to germinate, so might do that this weekend. Then I'll start my impatiens and my long-season peppers before the end of March. I'll probably start some perennial flower seeds that interest me as I go through my seed stash!

Can anyone name any heirloom 'red' tomatoes that they would particularly recommend? I haven't tried any "new to me" heirloom tomato varieties in a couple of years. I'd like a really good-tasting heirloom red that's a full-size tomato, but with a smaller plant size. For large "reds", I've been growing Pink Brandywine and Oxheart for YEARS, but that Brandywine plant gets so huge. I never did care for Cherokee Purple when I tried it, but have always liked Cherokee Chocolate and sometimes grow it too. So what are everyone's favorite heirloom tomatoes -- and why?

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I have had my super hots going for a month now! Im getting anxious to get the rest going. DST is tomorrow so ! know its getting close.

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dbuchner, I love your light rack setup! I see you're a zone ahead of me, so starting seeds earlier makes sense.

Just an FYI, because I see you using plastic cups as pots: go to your local cemeteries this spring if you want to get TONS of free plant pots, packs, and trays! There are always piles of them left behind by the people who plant at their families' gravesites.

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@ party_music Thanks! That is a very interesting idea to get some containers. I wouldn't know who to ask and I'd feel a little odd about it! My local produce market/ nursery had tons of pails and containers from their deli. I nabbed a bunch. This year I went over board with my peppers for the containers. My wife is going to murder me this spring when she sees what I'm doing to the deck.!!!!!! I would love to make it look nice but the budget will not allow it. Hopefully my pepper powders will be a hit this year and will help the next. Happy germinating!!!

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dbuchner, my father ran two local cemeteries here and he LOVED when people came to take those excess pots off his hands! He had to dispose of them otherwise, so don't feel bad about asking!

He would have certain spots at the cemetery designated as the place for people to leave their empty pots, trays, etc. When you know it's planting time, just swing by the cemetery and look for one of those spots and take whatever you want. You can also ask whoever you see mowing the cemetery.... sometimes those pots/trays are picked up and stored in a shed on the property -- just in case people want them!

BTW, I just hit the local Agway's for some seed. I grew Agway's 'Kentucky Dreamer' green bean last year and loved them, so was anxious to grow the same variety this year. I also got seeds for zinnias, eggplant, sweet basil, and other things I didn't need... I have no ideas where I will find room for it all. lol!

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Just started a bunch of seeds this week (some today!) So started is: broccoli, collards, kale, Chinese cabbage, basil. parsley. oregano, cumin, echinacea, rudbeckia, shasta daisy, cosmos, nasturtiums, marigolds. I'll worry about where they go when they grow!

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booberry, you've started some of those much too early for my z5 garden. Broccoli, cosmos, and nasturtiums don't need much lead time at all for me, and I usually direct-sow cosmos, so if they grow you'll have to figure out how/where to keep them until plant out time. :p

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ridgetop01(z5 CNY)

I have way too many seeds, but haven't started most of them yet. I have bell and jalapeno peppers, parsleg, eggplants, hyssop, "kiss me over the garden gate", datura metel, 4-o-clocks, and maybe a couple of others planted. I just got 2 kinds of nicotiana in the mail, plus a very unusual columbine. I'm getting ready to order 10 more kinds from the American Horticultural Society's seed swap (* Someone NEEDS to STOP ME SOON *) also!

I love starting things from seeds. We do all our veggies from seed, of course, and I start lots of perennials and annuals. Sigh - can't wait for spring to come back, yesterday was in the mid 50s here and the snow finally melted off our yard!!!

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ridgetop01(z5 CNY)

Ok - I'm going to 'fess up on this, because actually counting them helped me get it in check - I have 27 different kinds of flower seeds I'm planning to plant this year, most of them inside. Plus, perhaps 6 herbs, and 8 veggie (the rest of the veggies are seeded into the garden, or DH starts them himself).

Consequently, I very bravely cut up my check and tossed the order form to the AHS for my set of 10 kinds of free seeds - get thee behind me, Satan!!!

Anyone else in need of confession?

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You are a strong one!!!! Good job

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ridgetop01...check out the winter sowing forum...I winter sow perennials and spring sow all my annuals. No need to start indoors, works like a charm.

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party music,
Check out for many tomato varieties. Remy is a produce manager at a Wegmans in WNY and gives honest opinions of tomato growing in our area. You can get the seeds for a little over a $1.

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Keski, thanks for the link. I checked their list but since I disagreed with their ratings on a few varieties, I went with some that I've grown before. I just sowed 17 varieties of tomatoes -- 16 heirloom and the other is Sungold hybrid, of course. :)

Man, do I want spring to get here and it's taking forever! I still haven't seen a robin and there's too much snow. :p

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I just started tomatoes, basil, parsley, peppers, and some flowers. My garden is still covered with a couple of feet of snow! Spring comes late around here!

I decided against broccoli because I have never had any luck with it. Big plants that give two tiny stalks of broccoli! Doesn't seem with the space and effort.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I didn't start any seeds this year until March 28th as we were going to be out of town in early March. I started some of my Salvia coccineas, Cannas, Silene regia and all are up at this point. I usually don't start my petunias until early April as they are also a seed that germinates and grows very quickly.

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