Banana trouble

slopfrogJune 22, 2013

I have an unknown variety of banana growing. At first it was in a pot and It grew extremely rapidly at first and was lush and green. When it outgrew it's 15 gallon pot I put it in the ground and it hasn't grown hardly at all since. Its in well drained soil although i probably did water it too much over the winter. The leaves are yellowish, the stem is awfully brown looking and soft. If I peel off a layer it is very wet looking in there but not in a good way.

Strangely, it just flowered for the first time and set a few bananas out. It's down to two or three piddly leaves though.

What should I do to try to get this thing going again, or is it permanently infected with some kind of rot?

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May have been a "last gasp" - bananas fruit once and die. Usually you get at least one pup. Be patient and hopefully the rot has not gone all the way down below ground level and you may find an offshoot coming up.

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