wanted: fw swap roll call!

sylviatexas1April 18, 2006

Who's a'comin'??

We'd like an estimate so we can plan how much food, etc, to bring, & also to give some of our new members an idea of how much stirring around there's likely to be.

Can you make it?

Chime in here!

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My husband and I will be there. We'll bring:
Butterfly ginger
Datura tripple purple, yellow
Night blooming angel trumpet
Yellow trumpet vine
Water celery
Taro (edible, like elephant ear)
Blue pin cushion
Seeds and more.

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Here are the notes I've made on Bringing/Wants, in addition to Thuy, whose list is above:

What People Are Bringing

(Yay, Weldon!)


Henry Duelburg salvia
Lady in Red salvia
Tropical Pink salvia
mondo grass

taterbug (Elisabeth?):
winter-sown seedlings

rooted roses
(Yay, Venessa!)
blue mistflower
Oriental Limelight artemesia if it acts right
autumn aster if it acts right

Kwanzo daylilies
chocolate mint
golden raintree
blue mistflower
lamb's ears
Irises: Crimson King, Gold Imperial, Iris Albicans
white datura
zebrina hollyhock
Salvia Black & Blue
Salvia East Freesland if it doesn't croak
Louisiana iris brilliant purple/red

But her plants are always nice healthy ones.



Passion Flower

daylilies any color

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Please Note that I now have passion vine couldn't wait and bought some about two weeks ago LOL
But I'm still up for the surprises = )

Anyone looking for old organic gardening books in trade for plants?

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leaz7b(z7b TX)


I am going to try to make it. I think my husband is occupied that day, so I can get away (haha). I have lots of WS babies. I can bring pasta salad and sodas/cups/ice.

I'm looking for low maintenance, idiot proof bush roses that I can mix in with my borders, monkey grass and anything else (I'm easy!)

By the way, Sylvia, the paprika yarrow you swapped with me at the iris tour/swap is blooming its little head off!! I just finished getting everything planted that I got from that swap!

I look forward to seeing you again, seeing Weldon again for the first time since the January 05 Starbucks get-together, and meeting the others. I may have a couple of mystery hosta for Weldon, but if I do, they will be run of the mill types. Maybe he'll see this and let me know. I grew them from seed last year from a seed swap, so it will be a surprise! I have't checked to see if they have emerged yet.

Can you post directions for those of us who aren't familiar with the FW area?



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Glad the yarrow is blooming, Lea!

I think I have monkey grass somewhere, I know I have one pot of variegated, about 5 or 6 or 7 little teeny ones in one pot.

Maybe Venessa or Weldon will have roses for you to swap:
They root the wonderful old-fashioned garden roses.

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Posted by: tina_2 zone8 tx (My Page) on Thu, Apr 20, 06 at 13:11

Hi all. Hey Weldon : I have some very nice Hostas, for you! What are you bringing ? Sylvia : Can I have some - Cinnamon Girl Iris & Bluemistflower.
I will be bringing :

a pond net cover - 6 x 10 ft.

daylillies - mixed / full sun - perennial.

jewel of opar / reseeding annual - full sun -pink
star flower.

running bamboo - perennial/ for sun.

fragrant creeping phlox - purple flower -
perennial / for shade .

fragrant 4 ' oclocks -hot pink /reseeding annual -
for sun.

quart size pots / by request please. Don't be shy,
just ask.

I will be looking for :




ornamental grasses



vines...etc.... & whatever.

Also, I really need a pump sprayer for my roundup!!!
If anyone has an extra, I would really -- love it.

And I need trellises for some vines/roses.

And Welcome to all the new gardeners, please come !

Don't worry, if you haven't much to bring.

I'm sure we can get you started, with several new

I can't wait to see eveyone!

Happy Gardening - Tina_2

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Forgot to add the directions:

I-30 just west of downtown Fort Worth, go
North on University & immediately turn
Right into the park.

Follow the winding trail past the pavilion & you'll see us sitting around with a million plants!

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Sylvia, Thank you so much for keeping up with the swap. Yeah only two days to go = )

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re: wanted: hey ! kristi & tt......
Posted by: tina_2 zone8 tx (My Page) on Fri, Apr 21, 06 at 12:01

Hi - Kristi- I would like some of the Gayfeather plant. I will bring the pots you want. Also I, would like the loofah vine - TT. I have tried to grow both & had no luck. Please save some for me?
Thanks so, much. Tina_2

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leaz7b(z7b TX)

Well, count me out. My husband just announced that his nephew and "some buddies" were coming in at 10:30 tonight. I have no idea how many buddies are "some buddies", but 23 year olds usually travel in packs, don't they?

Sorry everyone. I guess its the Supreme One telling me I don't need more plants(haha). I'll miss seeing all of you.


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What's'a matta with you, Lea???

Bring 'em with you:

We can always use some more male muscle!

Tina-if you have extra daylilies, I can take some to Bobbie.

She's sending a lot of irises that have lost their tags (but they're still very nice varieties & very nice plants), & some society garlic.

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Hi all, FYI - I dug up some more black blue salvia for those wanting to trade. They will be in a little shock digging them up so soon before the swap.

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OK, I'm in!! I'm very excited. If it rains I'm still committed, because we are driving in from Abilene.

Here are some things I will be bringing:
Mexican Petunia
Periwinkle-Vinca major
Monkey grass,if someone tells me they need it before I come
garden magizines
Mexican Bush Sage-Only if you contact me before we leave.
winter sown babies-
Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato
Rutger's Tomato
Roma Tomato
Grape Tomato
Sweet Basil
Salvia Greggii in Red, Purple, Fuscha, and Pink
Bee Balm
Hardy Hibiscus - lilac with purple center
Balloon Vine (Love in a Puff Vine)
Cosmos Dwarf Red
Butterfly Bush
Anise Hyssop
Asparagus bean
Purple Echinacea
Red 'Autumn Colors'-I don't know what this is actually. It was a trade.
Lily of the Nile, Agapanthus
Zuchinni Squash
Cleome, Spider Flower, pink and purple
Salvia Blue Bedder
Lilius de San Juan Daylily
Blackberry Lily-Leopard Lily

Let me know what you want, so I can set it aside for you.

My wish list has been updated.
It will be fun to meet all of you. elisabeth

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venessa(z8 TX)

Ok I've put the things in the truck so I will be ready to go. I have a few errands to run before going to the swap so have to make things as simple as possible :O)

I'm still looking for more rose cuttings

also would love to get my hands on some cuttings of confederate rose and the striped red and white crepe murtle.

If you want to trade for any of the roses that I listed (can't remember which thread I listed them on) please email me tonight so I can make sure they get to the swap.

See everyone tomorrow.

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Elisabeth -taterbug

I would like some Cosmos Dwarf Red ,Cleome, Spider Flower, pink and purple and Salvia Blue Bedder

Hope I have something you'd like to trade for, I have black blue salvias, lady in red salvia, henry duelberg salvia, one indian hawthorne, two pink crepe myrtle.

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