Late March Snow Cover

zephyrusMarch 20, 2007

I live in New Hartford (Oneida County). This will be my 4th year of gardening. By this date in the last three seasons, the snow cover was nearly gone. Presently, however, I have 12-14 inches in my yard. My question for all you CNY gardening veterans: Is this much snow unusual here in late March? I've planted scallion seeds in early April the last three seasons. Looks like I won't even be able to work the soil this year until mid-April. Looking forward to your comments as well the new season!!

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I've seen that much snow melt off in just a day or two, especially if we get some rain the next few days.

March can be very up and down.

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I'm not far from you at all. This was an odd winter here, with tons of snow coming very late -- so we do have more snow on the ground than usual for this time of year, and it is still very cold. However, you're comparing it with the last few years: the past two winters have been milder and with less snow than usual, and last year was the earliest spring we have EVER had. I played golf on March 11 last year! There have been PLENTY of years when I couldn't plant early cold-weather crops (like onions or peas) until late April or early May because of snowpiles that hadn't yet melted.

I still have a solid 2 feet of packed snow across the yard... at least 5 feet in the deeper parts (I know, because I still cannot see my rugosa rose and it was trimmed to about 5-6 feet high before winter, to minimize snow damage).

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