WANTED: Trinity Park Swappers--Pics of poppies, lace cactus...

bo_berrinApril 28, 2007

Those who traded with me for poppies--did any of them survive the transplant? I hope they did, but sincerely doubt it. They sure didn't look happy about being moved. See pic's of the ones I left in place at the bottom of this post, and know that your seeds are coming when these mature. Be sure to note the pretty opium pods.


Those who traded with me for the lace cactus and blackfoot daisies--here's what your lace cactus will look like when it blooms:

And here's what it will look like when it's all grown up:

And here's what the cactus and blackfoot daisies will look like when they're planted together:

Those were the "parent" plants from which yours were taken.

And now the poppy pics:

Did you spot the yellow plastic garbage-bag ties? So classy! It was the best way I could think of to label each plant so I can keep the kinds of seeds separated.

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nope... didn't see any yellow plastic garbage bag ties.

I swear I think I have a poppy fix'n to bloom here. I haven't sown any poppy seed in at least 3 years! I gave up cuz I never could get any to sprout! I think the birds eat the seeds when I'm not looking, and then turn around and laugh at me!

I'll know in a few more days if its a poppy or some weed that looks like a poppy!

Yours look great!!

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Awesome pics, Bo --- what a sight the cactus and dasies are together, and the poppies are just breathtaking.

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Bo, that is breath taking, beautiful I love the natural beauty of the cactus and black foot daisy. If you have any of the pink poppy seeds left I'd love to have some. Maybe I'll have something to trade, seeds or plants.
I didn't even notice the tags till you mentioned it LOL.
Like I do around my place whatever works why knock it.

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debbiedo7(zone 8 Texas)

Beautiful Bo_Berrin. I am certainly looking forward to the fall swap & getting seeds. My favorites are the frilly pink & I also liked the purple & the light purple poppies. I agree with Carrie bout the look of the cactus with the daisies. LOL I curled my nose up when my grandaughter got one. I may have to reconsider

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Hi - I ''looooove'' all of those poppies!!! As , I mentioned to you at the swap - I did some research & q/a with a mastergardener , here in GP. Poppies require, good drainage & some sun.
I transplanted the big one & all the babies, they are doing great. I think one, even has a bud!!! Can't wait for them to flower!!!! Oh, did you get the email I sent to you?
Please let me know & keep in touch. Thank you, so much. tina_2

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Thanks for the compliments, everybody! Thanks to God, good luck, the generosity of other gardeners and YOUR advice, I'm seeing some success, and I had very little to do with it. :-)

Barb, I'm happy to put your name on some pink poppy seeds. Which pink did you mean? The purply-pink singles or the salmon-pink peony-type?

Debbie, I hear you about the cactus. I've never been a fan of "unfriendly plants" with thorns or spines, but I make an exception for roses, berries, and these little cactus that don't really hurt and have a beautiful bloom. Hope your granddaughter is enjoying hers, and I hope she chose one that had a bud on it!

Tina, I never got your e-mail! PLEASE resend? I'm SO glad to hear some poppies survived. I probably don't have to tell you this, but remember to let the seed pod mature and you'll have LOTS of poppies next year. :-) BTW, my luffa is growing, and I've located a good spot for it to live. I've done a little research on how to harvest the luffa, and I'm looking forward to using them! (Everybody on my Christmas list is getting luffa products next year!)

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Hi Bo, the salmon-pink peony-type and some of the red with white center and purple with white center too if you have enough to go around.

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Barb, no problem! I got your name down for them. Since these are supposed to be sown in late fall, I'll probably bring everybody's seeds to the fall swap, and I'll mail the ones to those who can't make it.

Karen Bo Berrin

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scuba-gal(8a ~ Keller)

Are those what are called "Red Corn Poppies"?
I traded via the mail some Morning Glory or Moonflower seeds - and they sent me Red Corn Poppies - they all sprouted and are doing wonderful and their foliage looks just like that!

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Scuba-gal, the lady who gave me the poppy seeds called them opium poppies which are different from corn poppies. From the link below, they appear very similar.

This article says opium poppies are illegal to grow in most areas, but I can't imagine the little lady that gave me the seeds doing anything illegal. She had them growing in plain view of passers-by, too, and no vice squad descended upon her property as long as I knew her. Anybody know if opium poppies are illegal in Texas?

Here is a link that might be useful: Poppy Varieties

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Bo- the poppies that you gave me are doing really well. They perked right up and I'm looking forward to blooms. Thanks again. Brenda

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Hooray! And they said it couldn't be done. Ha! :-)

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