20 degrees this morning!

ridgetop01(z5 CNY)March 27, 2012

BRRR! A neighbor down the street wrapped his sapling fruit tree in a big paper bag, my apples and pears aren't in bloom yet so we are hoping for the best. I do have fritillaria and dracunculus up in bud and leaf, respectively, I've no idea how they'll do as they are new to me. Most other things should be ok, though they'll fade quickly now - forsythia was in bloom, Nanking bush cherry also, that won't fruit for the birds this year. This weather is like a roller coaster!

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

23 here. A lot of stuff got frosted. ALl my daffodils were blooming, but now are bent over to the ground. Lilies are all frozen :-( most things are fine.

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ZzzZzz. That's my teeth chattering. Please bring back summer! We might have snow Friday night / Saturday am!

Things in my neck of the woods seemed to have faired the cold temps of yesterday morning, but snow too?

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I am did what I can to protect my red buckeye the other day and now again this afternoon. I can't believe the extremes I have gone to to protect the developing flower buds on this tree but I saw what the freeze did to the trees that were in flower around here and since this is the very first time my buckeye has developed flowers buds, I was determined to do whatever it takes not to lose them. I placed an old cheapo arbor over the tree and covered that with row cover and then with a plastic cover. I see now that we are probably going to get snow too if not tonight, Friday and Saturday.


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Same here. Snow predicted for tonight. I cut some daffs for the house last Sunday and I'm glad I did. Later in the week I was looking at the ones outside and thought "They look cold."

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

My poor buckeye has been covered since we started getting frost/freezing temps at night. I am hoping to be able to finally uncover it by the end of the week. The bloom buds are developing nicely under the cover so I am hoping that they will finish developing and open aqs soon as the temps stay more moderate.

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Mother Nature continues to taunt & torture us. We're having a beautiful day today, but there's a chance for snow on Monday?!? ~sigh~ I would have preferred for Mother Nature to have gotten winter out of her system during "winter."

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krazyaroider(Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6)

Hello ~
It has been a while since I have posted on GW.

Penny - I believe I sent you the Red Buckeyes. I just checked my tree, it decided to grow as a single trunked tree. It is about 20 feet tall and the blossoms have not suffered any damage from the past 3 nights of frost/freezing temps here in Hamburg.....

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