WANTED: Several houseplants

mrao77(TX US zone 7)April 11, 2006


I have cuttings of :

Diefenbachia (2 varieties)

Monstera deliciosa

Philodendron Scadens, variegated (brasil)

Philodendron moonlight

Philodendron splitleaf/swiss cheese philo -NOT monstera

Epicisia -bronze

Ficus benjamina and its variegated cultivar (rubber plant)

Syngonium polypodium (arrowhead vine)

Peperomias - obtusifolia,hederaefolia, magnoliaefolia variegata

Pothos- devil's ivy

Begonias: Rex- rhizome/leaf starts, cane- cuttings



B.sierra mist

B.heracleifolia var. nigricans

B.bashful bandit

B.little miss mummey

B.baby ruth



B.don miller

Ferns :


rabbits foot


kangoroo paw


asparagus fern

**** special trade only - well established staghorn over 8"

Playcerium bifurcatum

I am interested only in large trades, multiple plants due to cost of shipping. Please email me with specifics of what you have in exchange. I am interested in rare houseplants, exotic leaf patterns,fragnant tropicals, tropical fruit or anyting that I do not have. No seeds please.

I will trade Begonias for ones that I do not have.

For the staghorn, I am willing to consider individual trades in exchange for rare plants only.

Happy gardening,


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i just joined the gruop. i have a few plants available listed below:

japanese hoya (varigated)-rooted cuttings
spider plant-divisions
1 ornamental bananna ( about 10" I planted from a seed)
2 bird of paradise (each about 3" tall I planted from seeds)

I start most of mine from seed, but i also enjoy the other methods of recieving new plants. It looks like we both enjoy exotics & unusual plants. I'm hoping to sprout some Giant Sequoia Tree seedlings soon, but haven't had the best luck with them lately-I probably need to get fresher seeds. I'm interested in possibly your Monstera deliciosa,
or any unique seeds you may have.

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

I do not have seeds of Monstera, only cuttings. I do have a lot of other perennial seeds if you are interestred. May I suggest you to remove the block on email at the GW forums, it is impossibe for us to contact you otherwise :)
Send me a list of the plants you have and we can set up a trade.

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