What gardening tasks are you doing?

ridgetop01(z5 CNY)March 4, 2013

I have planted pepper seeds (bell and jalapeno), Datura 'Blackcurrant Swirl', eggplant seeds, "Kiss me over the garden gate" seeds (these are on the back porch chilling for 3 weeks.

I've brought my brugmansia up from the cellar where it wintered, and I'm trying to bring it back to life, and I checked the lemon verbena, it's alive and starting to send out new shoots in the basement. I want to plant more herbs and flowers, whatever needs time to grow.

I also ordered an Apothecary's Rose, which I want to put into the overgrown herb garden I plan to rework this year.

I'm spending quality time with Ken Druse's "Making More Plants" and a book about growing a nighttime garden (can't recall name) and am thinking about making different kinds of candleholders for the garden, and planting more fragrant white flowers including Moonflowers, nicotiana, etc,

What are you doing? I have serious spring fever!

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Looking for bunny damage! Also, planning plantings for two new raised beds that border my deck/patio, a blank slate!

Planning some summer bulbs along our stepping stone path, to mix in with irises and tulips, to help hide their dying foliage, and add a year-round interest. Planning and planning and more planning. Boring myself with indoor plants too.

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bernd ny zone5

I planted seeds of hostas in trays in my basement in November and now have good size plants in 8 oz cups, all under 24 hrs light.

I also sawed off 6 to 8 lower branches from White Pines and a maple to get more light to some of my gardens. I used a manual chain saw, where ropes are attached to a blade of a regular chain saw, and you throw the saw blade over the high branch and then pull on the ropes to saw. All I have to do is to bundle 3-4 ft long pieces for curb pickup by the town on April 1. I already pruned most of the heathers, just before the 4 in snow fell.

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yes, it's the time of year to tend to plants I overwinter indoors! I'm starting to bring them up from the basement and find spots with more light for them. The BIG pots of elephant ears and pelargoniums (annual geraniums) are coming up first. :p

My calla lilies started coming up on their own early this year. A friend gave me a florist's pot of them a few years ago, so I've kept them going. Last year I potted them up to a larger pot and planted the bulbs much deeper than they had been. I also changed the growing location so they would get a bit less sun. Both were appropriate changes per my reading about callas on-line. As a result, the foliage on them was FANTASTIC last year... but it's the first year they didn't flower for me. :( Not sure what I'll do with it this year! Does calla lily secretly like cramped conditions, shallow planting, and poor soil? lol! Any recommendations or thoughts???

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re: calla lilies - not sure. I have had great success with canna lilies & they do like to be planted shallow & need alot of water.

Today I pruned our raspberries & I hope to mulch them tomorrow. I also cleaned up many branches - my yard is a mess! Too early to rake so I will pick up what I can & be patient until I can rake.

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I knew I asked about my calla lilies here, so figured I should report back that they are now blooming profusely!!!

They were dormant, potted, and dry through the winter and I gave them just a bit of water around the end of February. They quickly sent up foliage, so I moved them near a south-facing window. I can't believe how quickly they sent up flower stems -- there are 5 flowers in bloom now and I can see more coming up! They're gorgeous. I'm tempted to cut some for a vase! :)

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I have ripped down an old 10.00 arbor and am in the process of building a new one from repurposd lattice for my new Major Wheeler Honeysuckle. Have trimmed back my origianl coral honeysuckle and weeded some of the beds that aren't mulched. Also taking cuttings of some of my owverwintered plants and started a few seeds.

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