WANTED: Ft Worth Swap Was a Super Event! Thanks to...

sylviatexas1April 10, 2010

all who participated, & especially to Brenda & Reubin for arranging the pavilion & for lunch.

I my own self had a blast, & I'm all set for plants, coffee, brownies, & reading material for quite some time.

I've already placed some "adoptions" with a couple of fellow Realtors (who laughed at my overstuffed car, but no way was I going to let the FW Parks Dept throw all that leftover stuff into the dump!)

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

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Geez, I felt like a bandit, walking away with all that stuff. So thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and it was indeed a wonderful day!!

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I'm going to hae to change my forum name to ImaHurtin! Spent all afternoon planting all my goodies. Mom and I had a great day, and can't wait to do it again!

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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

I'mahurtin2,it's 830p and just came in the door. Thanks everyone it was a great swap.

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PKponder TX(7b)

It was a super event for me and I was at work!

Cheryl, the little hand painted pots are exquisite! One of them is going into my cube at work and one on my desk here at home!

The cannas from Lin and Sylvia look so healthy and will be gorgeous in my new tropical-themed garden with the bananas!

There was a lovely ground cover sent via hubby that has beautiful heart shaped leaves, but he couldn't remember what it was called or who it was from. Part of the joy of swapping is remembering where a particular plant came from!

My favorite salvia of all time came from Melvalena years ago, a Salvia Mexicana 'Tula' and I smile every time I look at it :-)

I wish I could have been there, but feel that I was in spirit.


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PKponder TX(7b)

Hi Sally,
I work in Plano near Tennyson and Preston so if you want more cannas, I will still have plenty to share. Let me know ;-)


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Pam!!!Are you sure that salvia was from me?? I looked at pictures of it and thought it was just some old black and blue salvia I picked up at Walmart a few years ago. But I do love it, and now realize how much I miss that plant! The hummers loved it.

Now I have to go back to my old house and see if the new owners will let me take some cuttings of it.

I lost all of that sage when we moved, it didn't like moving in July, then the yard guys ripped it out and threw it away before I knew what they were doing. I think it could have pulled through if given enough time to recover.

I had a most enjoyable time at the swap, the hot dogs smelled wonderful and everyone was so nice to be around.

I have a really nice start on filling in my new beds at my new house. My plan is to have lots of really cool stuff for the fall swap.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

It was a great time! The best part for me was having fun "pimping" my plants to other gardeners :) Well that and watching some plants just crawl into Scott's boxes when he wasn't looking!

Everyone's plants were so very vigorous and healthy, and as always everyone was generous.

Heather, I'll pot up a Carolina Buckthorn for your mom for the fall swap. Or, if you head down to Carrie's I can leave one there for her. It will make it easier for me to mow my little patch of lawn once I move those out....


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Hello all. I am sorry that I missed the swap! I had been looking forward to it since last fall. We had an illness in the family that kind of derailed our plans. We could use your prayers. In the meantime, good luck to all and happy gardening.

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PKponder TX(7b)

Our (hubby and I) prayers are with you Billy.

Melvalena, I'm pretty sure that I got that Salvia from you. It's the only one that I got from a swap. When she gets growing, I'll root some cuttings for you.

Close up of bloom:

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Thanks Pam. I'd appreciate that.

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It's a little after 10pm and I am just now getting to the puter to see how everyone did. I worked all day Friday to get ready for the swap, then worked yesterday trying to get everything in the ground and didn't come in until it was too dark to see. Got up this morning at O'dark-thirty and drank my coffee while I placed the rest of the plants where I wanted them to go in. I've been out there all day. Life just doesn't get any better than this!

Julie, thank you so much for the chicks. Unfortunately, my hen wouldn't take to them, so she and all the other pullets are going to have to rough it outside the coop until the babies are about 12 weeks old. They'll be big enough to fend for themselves by then.

I'm not quite sure how it happened but I got Spanish bluebells from two different swaps. I don't know why I've never had these flowers before-they're wonderful. I had a blast everyone and I'm so glad so many people were able to come.

We missed you Muddauber, and Mrs. Muddauber. I'm so sorry to hear that you had illness in your family. I hope and pray all is well soon.

It was so good to see everyone again. But I guess it's a good thing we only do this twice a year. I'm so pooped right now, I'm not sure I will be able to fall asleep.

I have to say the quality of all the plants that everyone brought was wonderful. The door prizes were really nice too. A lot of people obviously went to a lot of trouble and effort to put together so many nice things. And the orphans table worked out just great too.

Finally thanks to Brenda and Rueben for the refreshements, as always. I have to say if I had been alone when I opened that chocolate cake, I might have tried to eat it all. And Brenda, I'm working on your sign. I'll send you an e-mail when I get it done. Cheryl

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

What a great day .......since I have not attened one in awhile, I got to meet so many new and wonderful gardeners. The plants that I got are now happily inground or in containers, and like Cheryl, I am almost too pooped to pop, but loving every minute of it. Thanks to everyone for such a great swap, and especially for the company of plant loving people.
Billy, so sorry I did not get to meet you and your wife, and my prayers are with you.
Pam, the ground cover is from me, and it is creeping jenny. It can be invasive after a few years of growth, but easily removed if you don't want it to spread.

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Thanks for a great swap everyone. I worked my butt off Saturday afternoon and all day yesterday. So I guess i'mahurtin3. But it was great to see everyone and thanks to everyone for all the time and effort it takes to get everything ready to bring and swap.

Lin - you forgot to take Ruben and I'm still puttin up with him.

Chryl - thanks - no rush on the sign, just let me know.

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Billy, I'm so sorry for your family illness. I hope it all passes quickly and with no more interruption of your plans.

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PKponder TX(7b)

Oh goodie, Carrie! I always wanted to try creeping jenny :-)


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Lin barkingdogwoods

Brenda, DRAT! I had to leave Ruben behind - with all the plants I did not have room for him in the SUV; I would have had to strap him to the luggage racks. I sure could have used him yesterday, tho - I drove to Quitman to mow the lawn and dig in the plants (now ImaHurtin4) - didn't get home till 9:30 last nigh.

Billy, I'm sorry that your family has been struck with illness - I'll keep you and your wife in my prayers.


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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Pam, you naughty girl showing off the blue salvia. Salvias are one of my weaknesses LOL.
I've never heard or seen that one.


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PKponder TX(7b)

Hi Barb! I collected a lot of seed from that one, but you never know how seed will do. I'm planning to start some cuttings from her when she gets some growth and you are also on the list for a cutting. I had her labeled as Black and Blue, but she never looked the same as my other B & B, so I posted a pic over on the salvia forum with blooms and Rich Dufrense (SP?) provided the ID.


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Pam, I'm so glad you find out the correct id for that salvia.

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Thanks everyone, I had a blast and it was nice meeting all of you! I have been feeling rather guilty for coming home with so much more than I brought - I couldnt see through my rear window for all of the plants! I just hope no one felt short changed. I ended up with a lot of fabulous things that I wasn't expecting, and now I am researching them to figure out where I should plant them, a big thanks to the person that took the time to write down the names of the plants on mini blind pieces (was that you Lin?), that was a life-saver!
I am already looking forward to the fall!
Billy, I don't know you but I am sorry you missed the swap and I will keep you and your family in my prayers

~imahurtin4 (and still not done!)

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Yep, Nik, I "blind-labeled" all my plants :)

I learned the mini-blind trick from Carrie, and in fact those blinds were from her! My first trade I keyed all the info into a Word doc and printed labels, but this is so much sturdier that I'm glad I found out about it. Thanks, Carrie!


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Lin...that sounds great. I have mine planted and it is doing well. Mom is looking forward to getting hers. I will let you know if we make it down to Carrie's anytime soon!

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Pam, no more cannas, thanks!
We had a great time at the swap, thanks to everyone for making it so much fun.

Can someone tell me who brought the tomato plants descended from plants that they originally received 20 years ago from an elderly lady? I'm sorry, I forgot your name.

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