HAVE: Thank You Galveston County Swap

txbabybloomer(8)April 29, 2006

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, for a very nice swap.

The weather was not enough to stop us diehard traders. Not even the black sky, pouring down rain, and thunder and probably lightening! I'm sure the plants loved it. :o)

It was great meeting so many new traders, and seeing others I've met and traded with before. Hope everyone went home with lots of new treasures!! I know I brought home a few.

And a special thank you to the folks who organized the swap, the cook, and those who helped clean afterwards. Each and every one of you are very appreciated! Thanks Again To All!!

~ Diana & family

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I had a wonderful time at the Galveston Plant swap. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. I finally got to meet my special friend too. :o) I wanted to say "Thank you" to the organizers ,and also to our Chef. You did a fantastic job!
I also want to Thank all the generous people that traded and shared their beautiful plants with me.
Take care, and Happy Gardening!

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Thank you Patti and Diana for your nice words. This was the biggest and best swap yet! I want to thank all of those who traded with me; Vicki, Margie, Jacke, Dena, Julie, Lynda, Polly, Patti and Jim and anyone else I might have forgotten. A BIG THANKS! Then I would like to thank Margie, Billy, Terri, Judy and Solveig for helping put together the swap. No one realizes the painstakingly details that are involved. Some details were forgotten, like forgetting to bring brooms to cleanup after the swap! (that was me) I want to thank Patti for going home and bringing back - not only her brooms-but her husband to help sweep up! Patti was great in helping clean everything up, as was Jim, and Julie! Many, many thanks to you! I hope I didn't forget anyone else. If I did, I apologize. Another detail forgotten was to bring an additional ice chest with ice to keep the hot dogs and hamburgers cold. I want to thank Fran specifically for going home, getting the ice chest, and filling it with ice! To top it off, she donated the ice chest to to the swap to use for future swaps. People, this brings tears to my eyes, because there are so many wonderful gardeners out there who are so caring. Let's face it! Gardeners are great! FYI: I am going to leave the haves and wants on the swap website for several months, so that if you want something from someone, you can arrange to meet to swap. We will be announcing the date of our fall swap soon and will let you know when. Keep our swap link on your desktop. Thanks to all of those who helped to donate to our swap. We are now able to use the funds we made today to pay for our pavilion rental for the fall, without it coming out of our own pockets!!! I want to thank our sponsors who gave us gift certificates. I will have them listed on our swap website with more information about each. We appreciate your support!!! Thanks again for everyone who helped out, little or big. The swap was a success because of you.
Mary Ellen

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I'm sorry that I missed it. I had the plants, but not the energy.
I'm glad everyone had a good time.

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