HAVE: Sally Avila Palnt Swap

leapingfroglady(Garden Hardiness Zone 8b)April 5, 2014

Sunday, April 27 at 1:00pm - 3:00pm
1721 W. Summit Ave. San Antonio, TX. 78201

Sally Avila is hosting a plant swap in her home.

Swapping is FREE, we just ask that as a participant you bring: 1 door prize to share, snacks (since it is afternoon), table or boxes to display your plants, and a chair if you would like to sit.

It will take place in her backyard. If you have a folding table, please bring.

Sally will provide the paper goods.

This is neither a BloomingBud or Gardenweb event; she would like to host this herself. Yes this is open to the public.

Dogs and children are welcomed. Just please keep an eye out for them.

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leapingfroglady(Garden Hardiness Zone 8b)

..(âÂÂ)_(âÂÂ).. HAVES:

loquat saplings,
rapid lettuce seedlings
blue plumbago bushes
chick n hens, red-leafed succlent (see pic)
other succulents
blue agave
Elephant ears
Pink Mexican petunias
Purple Mexican petunias
Mexican hydrangeas

Pond Plants:
I have some lovely yellow water irises growing in my pond. Plus, lots of that fern like water plant (ceratophyllum dimersum) if anybody would like some.

Also, have lots of fresh fennel and parsley if anyone would like me to bag some (these are cuttings for you to use in your cooking or green smoothies when you get home; not to plant.) It is growing like crazy.

White Fly Insect Spray
Green plastic edging

::: (\_(\
*: (=â :âÂÂ)
â¢.. (,(âÂÂ)(âÂÂ)äð.øø.â¢ôï`ûWANTS:

Looking for veggies and herbs.
Bulbs and rhizomes of any flower.
Also looking for fushia cuttings.

OK, so what are we trading for? Let's get the trading on! Let me know what you want.

Helen Brandt I will bring your bowl, 1 plastic watering can, 2 hanging baskets (wire and green plastic)

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