Green when ripe Mango

gnappiJune 1, 2011

I have an unknown variety of mango in my front yard, and already the mango thieves are at it. This tree was severely damaged by some tree cutters that took down 6 very large queen palms and I think I'd like to remove the mango now.

It's only a few years old so I could start another nearby and cut down the existing one when they interfered with each other.

So, to that end I gad a thought, wouldn't a green when ripe variety thwart the fools? I mean they always take ripening red and yellow samples and without that colorful visual cue I might get to enjoy more fruit :-)

I checked Pine Island Nursery (PIN) and they showed two an "Okrung" and "Nam Dac Mai" as two good tasting possibilities. Does anyone have experience with these two varieties?



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I think a green when ripe mango is a great idea to avoid fruit theives. They definately look for a color break, and a red and yellow mango will attract bandits.

You could also consider a variety that is best harvested mature green, and ripened at room temperature in the safety of your home. Mallika is one that comes to mind.

Very unfortunate we have to deal with this.

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zands(10b Fl)

You are on the right track. Red and orange colors on mangoes excite people. This is why supermarket mangoes have this coloration. You don't necessarily need green when ripe. You will find mango cultivators that are green most of their time on the tree, then turn solid yellow when ripe. I think solid yellow flummoxes would be thieves. I have had Carrie and Fairchild that ripened just about solid yellow. My Carries are solid green as of today..... I like the way the green mango blends in with the mango tree's green leaves. It's like camouflage. Solid dull yellow mango also kind of gets lost in the green leaves. Some yellow_when_ripe mangoes will have small area of pinkish shoulders but the mango thief won't see these

Another anti-thief strategy is to buy a mango that is described as "vigorous grower" or is otherwise known as growing big. This will put mangoes out of the reach of thieves

Another thought is to put up a temporary wood fence with a few no-trespassing signs. I am doing this for my Keitt mango trees. I know someone who did this for lychee trees. Keitts are thief magnets due to reddish coloration that develops early and since Keitt is large size and late season the mangoes hang there for quite a while. Last time some got stolen the crooks took them one month early

For nighttime thefts enhanced lighting and motion detectors can thwart robbery

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

gnappi - you are on the right track - and all the replies you've gotten should be heeded.....

I think my Alphonso near the sidewalk is NOT a green ripening one, so i've got to come up with a plan too....
perhaps a cactus fence!


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in season I discriminate against red mangos, the best varieties are usually green or yellow IMO.

okrong is an excellent supersweet green maybe slight yellow thai mango, one of my favorites. i have okrung tong which translates to golden okrung.

if I were you though I may wait until after or during mango fest to buy a tree and sample as many as you can, I hear the new 27-1 lemonzest is a seedling of po pyu kalay, another excellent mango. but that maybe yellow.

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a fruit tree in the front yard is a no no... plant them in your backyard or where its' fenced.

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The Duncan mango stays green for quite a while, turning yellow only when fully ripe.

Another trick is to plant fruits that aren't high demand. Canistel would probably be a safe bet ;-).


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I have always thought poison ivy or possibly Tanglefoot - something that would make them think twice before doing it again.


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Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)

Any choice that doesn't fill with color when ripe should work great to prevent being stolen. Some varieties to consider are:
-Alampur Baneshan
-Ice Cream
-Mallika (picked green, ripened in a box)
-Nam doc Mai
I hope this helps!

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