HAVE: Plant Swap South of Austin

castro_gardenerApril 11, 2014

April 26, swap is confirmed -- See Charlotte's post a few entries below.

This is my original message here. I will also post my HAVES in another post. Please see if there is anything you'd like from my list and post your own list of what you HAVE to trade, and what you WANT, if you're looking for anything in particular.

(((((We've been having a plant swap between San Marcos and Austin for many years. The past few years the attendance has dropped off, so that we've been discouraged about having another. But some of us really want to do this. I want to do this! I miss the friends that I see each year. ))))

((((Please reply here if you would consider attending a swap if we have it. The last regular place we've had the swap is at a church pavilion in Manchaca. The church has been kind enough to let us have the swap there when the cost of the park in Buda was increasing and it got harder to reserve our regular spot.))))


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I'd be interested. I haven't been propagating many plants lately. I usually have more in fall. But I wouldn't be empty handed. Im in San Antonio

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I'm interested--I have some good plants that grow too abundantly so must give away some

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I would be interested lets do this comeon people join us Marcie

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The swap is on. Saturday April 26 at Manchaca UMC Pavilion 1011 W Farm to Market 1626, Manchaca, TX 78652. Parking right up to the pavilion so easy loading and unloading! Hope to see lots of swappers!

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As usual, I will be there although I don't have much to trade.


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Hello Everyone ! Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Here's my list below. I'm not really looking for anything, although it's so easy to be tempted. I have a lot of plants in the greenhouse so really don't want much to take home. I'm always interested in junk, so let me know what you have. If you're not sure what kind of junk I like, here's a link to my pinterest page showing some of the many things I like.


I don't necessarily need something in return, so let me know if I have anything that you would like.

What I have:

antique roses Little Buckaroo, and maybe a Knockout rose

burro's tail
unknown evergreen (tree?)
clitoria vine
unknown crinums
cissus quadrangularis
Queen's tears bilbergia
old man's pipe / callisia fragrans
vick's plant plectranthus
pregnant onion
pink rain lily
golden rain tree
spider plant, solid/ reverse variegated
artillery fern
stapelia or huernia
donkey ears
salvia coccinea (red,white,dreamsicle)
can dig Salvia Black & blue and Henry Duelberg
hardy alstroemeria
Kentucky Colonel mint

might also have Queen's Crown -- wisteria -- hardy alstroemeria -- violas --
What are you looking for ? Maybe I have it, but it didn't make my list.

Please email me directly if you'd like something from my list. Let's swap!


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To help newbies get a better idea of how this works, and to remind others that we like to play nice, I try to get some "rules" out there for everyone to review. They help us all have a relaxing, good time.

After nearly 15 years of hostessing and attending these swaps I've learned a lot from others. This is especially helpful to newbies who have told me often that they were confused with the way things were done at the swap. Hopefully, this will help them a little.

When you arrive, please seek out a hostess if we don't greet you first. Especially if you haven't been before. Any of us will be happy to help you with any questions you might have. Get a name tag, sign up for door prizes (if we do it this time), and if we have one, sign the list for future notifications of swaps.

Don't forget to bring a sack lunch. We'll need sustenance for continued swapping ! Some swaps have a potluck lunch, and there are some who bring things to share with others, but bring something for yourself just in case. Cold drinks are sometimes provided, but please don't count on this.

We sometimes have door prizes. If you'd like to donate to our stash, please bring a new or gently used gardening item. We usually include things like fertilizer, gloves, tools, outdoor decorations, books, etc.

Garden Junk and Garden Art is also welcome for trading. Hoses, trellises, rusty buckets, signs, you name it ! We've had people bring homemade soap, mosaic pots, and other great items.

In the past, we welcomed your donations to help pay for the rental of a park pavilion. We are happy that this new location costs nothing (for now). If you ever attend a swap that asks for donations please drop a few dollars in the jar to help cover the cost -- which is usually covered out of the pocket of the hostess. Please consider that you're leaving the swap with plants that would have cost so much more at a nursery. A little money in the jar will go far to help these great swaps continue.

You may want to bring cardboard boxes to haul home your booty. You may end up taking home more than you bring, and it's not always easy to get it all back in your car. Packing in boxes will allow you to stack them and keep your plants safe.

Bring something to use for labeling the plants you receive. Old window blinds are excellent for this purpose ! They last forever and they're kept out of landfills.

On that note, please label your plants for others. It saves a lot of time at the swap. You don't have to tell everyone what each plant is, since they already have names on them.

Another helpful hint, which takes more time, but is great to have: consider putting a notebook together of your plants. Add pictures and descriptions of each plant you bring. Over time, you can add to it as you accumulate different types of plants. This also saves time at the swap. Others can view your notebook to see what a certain plant will look like.

There are usually not enough tables for everyone at the pavilion, so please consider bringing small tables to use to set your plants on.

While swapping, please do not take plants off another person's table without asking. They may be across the room promising that same plant to someone else. Please find the owner and ask permission. Everyone's different, of course, and may bid you take whatever you like. But it's good to err on the side of caution, and ask anyway. It's a good idea for all of us to put our name on our table so that everyone knows who to find when they see a plant they'd like.

Plants usually placed under the tables are not for swapping. This is where we place the plants we're taking home.

Some plants are special or rare and the swapper may want something special in return. This is understandable. On the other hand, some of us don't always need something in return. Please consider everyone's feelings while swapping.

You may notice above or below this post that people are talking about the plants they have. If you are new to this and wonder what's going on, this is what we call pre-arranged swapping. You can list what you have and others can either post here what they would like from your list or they can contact you by email (if you make sure you add your email to your preferences). You can check their lists to see if you'd like to make a swap. Keep track of each swap and bring the plants to the event for that person, and they will bring what you liked from their list. This is not necessary, of course. You can just bring your plants to the swap and trade in person. But if you pre-arrange swaps, it's kind of like reserving a plant that you really want. If you wait until the swap, someone else may get it before you do. And that can be a bummer !

Last but not least, have a good time. Make new friends ! I've met really great folks at the swaps and we're still swapping many years later !!

Please feel free to email me directly with any questions or concerns. Hope to see you there!


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i will come and bring my mother.
Patty may I have some.
pink rain lilys
clitoria vine
Salvia coccinea (some of each)
salvia Henry Duelberg

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Hi gemgirl -- have we traded before ? What is your name ? could you put your list of plants here on GardenWEb so others know what you have ? I'd like to pick something too, if I may. Please email me at the address below and let's plan a trade!


patty Thank you !!

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Does anyone have any ice plant they could share? Mine did well last year, but didn't make the hard freeze.

I plan on digging some bulbs to bring. I'll post again when I have a more definite idea of what I have available.

Hope to see everyone next Saturday!


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Hey Y'all,
getting it together and have some plants potted up:
purple Physostegia
white Fall aster
Tradescantia pallida purple
random other plants

Willing to dig-please let me know!:
Crinum Bradley (I think! But could be Ellen Bosanquet--I'd better read up) (BIG (allow 3 ft height & width, strappy crinum with dark pink flowers)
Cenizo sage
Viguiera (skeleton leaf goldeneye)
old fashioned purple iris
purple Fall aster

bright yellow iris

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Isn't anyone else coming ?! C'mon, you guys, come to the swap with us ! Pretty Please!!! :-)

I have found some more things, but didn't want to go back and edit my post above again. So, here are a few more things to choose from:

crape myrtle (1)
shrimp plant
senna, which may be candlestick plant
macleaya cordata (plume poppy)

If you'd like something from my lists, please let me know right away, since I will be bringing very little of this with me except for swaps which I have already pre-arranged with those who let me know. Some of these things need to be dug up and I won't dig unless someone asks me.

Thank you !!


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A few more things potted up to share:
Jasmine mesnyi
Cenizo sage
Viguiera (skeleton leaf goldeneye)
mountain laurel seedlings

Already mentioned these:
purple Physostegia
white Fall aster
Tradescantia pallida purple

mostly, to see everybody...it's been a while!
bright yellow iris
perennial salvias (except not greggi)

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at the swap. I'm still working on a list of what I'm bringing but here are a few I know for sure.
Lamb's ear
Red Columbine
Gulf Coast Penstemon
Rose cuttings not rooted
Martha Gonzales
Red cascade

Patti I would like some sedum and some mint
Val I have a yellow Iris I'll try to send you a picture before the swap.

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I would love some of the penstemon!


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ebw78745(Zone 8 - Austin)

I didn't get confirmation that the plant swap was going to actually meet until last week....email went to spam for some reason. I had a few plants already rooting and hurriedly potted up some more that will have been growing for only 10 days on April 26. Therefore, some of my plants will benefit from staying in their current containers for another week or two after the swap. Sorry for the late start.

As suggested, I have started a booklet of information and photos for the plants I have to share. Where possible I have listed the page the plant can be found on in the Grow Green Guide for Native and Adapted Landscape Plants for Central Texas. If you don't have a copy, it can be viewed here:


And now, here is the list of plants I have to share....

Justicia brandegeeana - 2 containers - red/brown flowers
Commonly called shrimp plant.
Grow Green Guide page 36

Aster oblongifolium - 4 containers - purple/blue flowers
Commonly called fall aster.
Grow Green Guide page 28

Monarda fistulosa - 3 containers - bright purple flowers
Commonly called bee balm or bergamot
Grow Green Guide page 24

Conoclinium coelestinum - 4 containers
Commonly called Blue Mistflower
Grow Green Guide page 24 (white mistflower)

Stachys byzantina - 3 containers
Commonly called Lamb's Ear
Grow Green Guide page 30

Poliomintha longiflora - 4 containers - lavender flowers
Commonly called Mexican Oregano or Rosemary Mint
Grow Green Guide page 32

Sedum - 3 containers - yellow flowers
Many varieties, many names
Grow Green Guide page 48
can send photo of variety I have

Hawaiian Spider Plant - 2 containers
leaves larger and wider than the standard spider plant and the color is a more vivid green.

Reverse Variegated Spider Plant - 4 containers
has a reverse variegation with the green stripes down the center of the leaves and white stripes on the outer edges.

Red Leaf Begona - 1 container - bronze leaves/pink flowers

Old fashion purple iris

Will ask neighbor if I can have some of her yellow irises.

The info and photos of the above plants are in a file I can send to anyone who wants to see the plants. Email me at ebw78756@gmail.com and let me know if you want the file in a Word form or a Mac form.


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Belinda, I'd love some Monarda fistulosa and blue mistflower. Thanks for checking on yellow irises!
Charlotte, I'd love Liatris, Red Columbine, Gulf Coast Penstemon

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I was trying to remember how long this group has been swapping! Late 1990s??? I remember it in San Marcos, your house, Margie's house, Buda, and now Manchaca.
Thanks for keeping it going all these years.

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My first swap with this group was in April of 2003 in San Marcos. The group had been swapping there for several years. The space rental kept going up and the park remodeled and did away with the pavilion. I kept trying to find a good place for the swaps and the Manchaca pavilion is perfect! They don't charge us but I will have a donation jar so we can support their community gardening projects. I love the swaps and everyone come join us so we can continue swapping!

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BELINDA -- have sent you an email, would love one of the Hawaiian spider plants. I have the others and would love this one ! Please see my lists!

VAL -- I have been with this group since it started at Zilker Park about the time you mentioned. We've moved around a bit since then, including two swaps out of town in LaVernia and Johnson City at the homes of two of the original group. Carla and I hosted some of these and we were sure glad to hand over the reins to Charlotte! She does a great job. Don't ever leave, Charlotte !


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ebw78745(Zone 8 - Austin)

Hi, ValT,

I have a bee balm and a blue mistflower with your name on them. These are some of the plants I just potted up last week and they will definitely do best if left in their current pots for a while after the swap. I also have three yellow irises for you.

Looking forward to Saturday. Will see you there.


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Looking forward to the swap this Saturday! Do we want to do our usual bring anything you want pot luck breakfast/lunch? Also bring something for the door prize table and some cash for the donation jar if you want to.
I have penstemon for Carla and Val Liatris for Patty and Val Columbine for Val and Lamb's Ear for Patty. If anyone else wants anything On my list let me know and I will have a final list on Friday.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I don't have much to trade right now, but am coming with Patty and looking forward to seeing you all again.

I may pot up some little columbine seedlings (could be any color) and maybe a fairly large Mexican honeysuckle plant.

See you there ... :-)

Photo of columbine patch ...

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I would love more liatris if you have some you are dividing.

Also would love starts of the columbine, no matter the color.

Is everyone planning to stay for lunch or not? I know we didn't stay last time, so I'm just trying to see what people are planning to do.

The first GW swap was at Zilker Park in spring 1997, I believe. It was really crowded and pretty far from parking. After that, it was held at various places south of Austin, including several years at San Marcos, until they "remodeled" and did away with the pavilion. That was a bummer. The Manchaca site is really good, so those who haven't been there before will be impressed.

It will be good to see everyone on Saturday!


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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Okay Carla. Will bring Columbine for you.

Anyone interested in a pad of SANTA RITA CACTUS, (purple pad cactus) or BABY SANTA RITA? Pads turn purple when stressed by winter or low water and have lots of yellow blooms in spring. However, they're thorny.


Will dig a CHOCOLATE PLANT (grown for foliage and purple flowers), also some PURPLE LEAF SHAMROCK. Both are cold hardy.


I'm looking for HARDY SUCCULENTS I may not have.

Anybody have seeds or seedlings of a flowering plant I saw at Laura's garden, " BLUE CURLS "? Charlotte, thanks for the tip about Blue curls growing along the roadsides ... :-)

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ebw78745(Zone 8 - Austin)

Saturday is always a busy day for me and I've never stayed for the potluck lunch. Won't be able to say this time either.

I'm a potter and will bring a piece of garden art for the raffle. If I knew how to add a photo I would but that is beyond my abilities on this website. If interested, email me personally and I'll send a photo of my back yard with its multiple garden art pieces.

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Carla I will bring you liatris and red columbine and I want to do lunch this time. I love it when we just bring random food and have lunch or eat when ever we all decide to. I will bring paper goods and something to eat. roselee if no one has blue curls bring your shovel it's growing in lots of ditches on the sides of the road between Kyle and Manchaca. You reminded me that I keep meaning to "rescue" some from the side of the road every year.

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I would love some of your purple shamrock and columbine. Great photo! What would you like?

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Coralberry...someone needed to know if it is edible, but for the life of me I can't find the email so I'm guessing Belinda It is good for birds but not humans. Some related family members are toxic but one source said it would take "many kilos" of coral berries to make you sick. Mine have probably never produced many kilos of berries between all the plants and all the years I've had the plants!

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Val, got you down for the shamrock and columbine. I'll check out what you have when we get there.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

What time does the swap start? Someone who wants to come asked me and we don't see where a start time is posted.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

By the way I've added a couple of things to my list above. Also remembered it's against the law to dig wildflowers ... :-(

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Swap starts at 9 am and hopefully we will stay until close to noon this swap. We aren't doing door prizes until at least 11!

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I would like Maggie if it is the fragrant rose (and still available).

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Val I will have a cutting of Maggie for you and yes it's very fragrant. Also, Esther is looking for old fashioned hen and chicks plants if anyone has any.

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HAVE: does anyone want some bronze leafed CANNA ? Need to know as soon as possible since I will need to dig. I also have some cotton seedlings if anyone would like to try it. A great plant if you have kids !

Charlotte, I'm wondering which hens and chicks Esther wants... there are many that go by that name. Any idea ? is it the ghost plant ?

patty please email soriano471@sbcglobal.net

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Roselee, Would love some purple shamrock (oxalis).

I will bring something for lunch to share.

I know I'm bringing the following:

Peruvian daffodil bulbs
shasta daisy seeds
some starts of regular aloe vera
some starts of epiphyllum

I have tons of Brazilian rock rose, but it will have to be dug. If anyone wants it, let me know, otherwise I'm not digging it.

I will take another look in the beds to see what else I may be able to easily bring.

Look forward to tomorrow.


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ebw78745(Zone 8 - Austin)

Does anyone have 3 or 4 empty hanging baskets to share? I foolishly cleaned out my storage shed last year and of course, now need some of the things I threw out.


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Ready for the swap! The weather is going to be great and we have a good group coming. Not everyone posts in Garden web but everyone is welcome to join us tomorrow morning! In addition to my list above I'm bringing mealy blue salvia and dwarf cannas that bloom a light yellow color and some cuttings of New Dawn climbing antique rose.
See you in the morning!

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I hope to be coming to plant swamp --hope to have northern sea oats-- chasmanthum latifolium

canna liy 'tropicana'

cyperus alternifolius ---very much like papyrus
sedum 'angelina

sedum 'blue spruce'

starts of 'castor bean' with big reddish leaves

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Thanks to everyone for all the great plants! It was fun to see everyone again.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Charlotte, thank you muchly for hosting the swap, and thanks everyone for the great new plants to try! :-) Looking forward to the fall swap.

Patty and I visited three nurseries after the swap including a new one in Kyle that Patty found on the internet. I'll post some pictures of it on the Texas Gallery later.

Austinrose, sorry you didn't make it this time. Hope to see you in the fall.

Here is a link that might be useful: New nursery: 'Cross Plants and Produce' in Kyle ...

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where did you have your Peruvian daffodils planted, full sun or part shade?

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I have them on the south side of the house. Not shaded by other plants or trees, but shaded by the house in summer.


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Had a good time, even though we didn't have as many as we expected. Still went home with some great plants from kind gardeners. Hope everyone that missed it will plan to attend the next one we'll plan for this fall. Thanks again to Charlotte and Curt for hostessing the swap and for helping to load and unload. You both are the greatest !


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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Yes, we really appreciated Curt's help. Thank you Curl!

Carla, I was also a recipient of your Peruvian daffodils. Thank you!

I have a question: do they bloom in that location?

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Dang! I.missed out! I hope to attend the next one. In the mean time, if there are any gardeners in the Austin area, I'd love to see if there is something to trade

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BlaznDragn(9 TX)

I looked up the wildflower digging and it is not illegal. However you shouldn't go and dig up huge clumps of them. You should only do a little so that it is easier for nature to manage the loss of a few rather than a bunch. It is not illegal to pick bluebonnets either according to the DPS. So maybe next time Roselee you can do what you've been planning!

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the group was small but the company and plants were really good. it is unfortunate that it turned so hot that very weekend as I am having a hard time getting the soil wet enough to sustain my transplants.
you are interested in herb/veggie container gardening...if possible for your situation, I recommend a keyhole garden. The depth will allow you to crowd plants closer and trail them over the sides or up a trellis. It uses a lot less water and not daily. Diameter of the garden is 6 feet. Mine is constructed out of concrete '70s architectural blocks but I'm sure the interlocking landscape blocks would be even better.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

BlaznDragn, thanks for the information that it is not illegal to collect wildflowers from roadsides in small amounts ... :-)

Val, keyhole gardens are an intriging idea for many reasons. One is being able to garden as waist level. I looked at the one they had at the swap site, but it didn't seem to be as high as the ones I've seen online. Maybe they ran out of rocks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Keyhole gardens ...

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