FL West Coast Pineapple Flavored Mango Need ID

Leann FellmethJune 8, 2012

Found a mango that has a wonderful and distinct pineapple flavor. We just got them from a market on Pine Island (FL west coast) and didn't get the name. Love to get the tree.

It's solid yellow when fully ripe, medium to smaller size. I thought I remember the name possibly being Asian (not Nam Doc but similar)

I looked at a few variety viewers but no luck yet. Hoping one of you gurus will be able to help!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

So many possibilities...maybe one of these, Carrie, Pickering, Lemon Meringue (aka Po Pyu Kalay) or maybe Ataulfo? Next time you're there, you'll have to ask what variety it is to make sure you purchase the right tree. Good luck finding the name. I would love to know what it turns out to be, it sounds very good!

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