WANTED: Lime Zinger Elephant Ear

carolann_z8(8)April 2, 2007

I'm looking for a Lime Zinger EE. I could trade a Brugmansia for one.

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Carol, I never heard of this elephant ear before I read your post, so I Googled it. According to the info I pulled up it's not really hardy in this area. I don't think I've ever seen one either, but the web site that sells them has some beautiful pics of it. They also have the black ones that are very striking. You might want to buy one to see how it does and then try to propagate them yourself. And THEN-you'll be the one everyone will come to for them!! Cheryl

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Hi CarolAnn,
I hope someone here has one to trade with you. I searched after reading Cheryl's post and this site came up. Check out the elephant with the "elephant ears!" If no one here has one to offer, perhaps someone on the tropical forum does.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elephant ears for the elephant

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Thanks for the help.

I fell in love with it after Jon on GW sent me pictures of it. He had his gardens photographed and put in the paper last year. I know they're very tropical and I'd have to bring it in but it's just gorgeous.

Maybe I can get one and have some later to divide and share.

Cheryl and Robin, here's why I love it:

Caution...plant addicts should look away.

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CarolAnn-I'd be careful growing THAT! You might disappear one day, never to be found! lol
Is that a real photo or has it been Photoshopped?

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Robin, that is a real photo. Isn't it the coolest plant ever!!!

This man lives in Denton and he made his entire yard to look like Hawaii. I really want to visit him one day and maybe drink a drink from a coconut shell whith a tiny umbrella. This would be the closest I'd come to being in Hawaii.

Headlines read...Carol Ann was eatten alive by giant Elephant Ear!!!!

....What a way to go!!!!

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I haven't found time to read the paper much lately Carol, but now you've got me watching the headlines each morning!:-o

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LOL Robin!

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