Hamburg NY Plantasia Flower Show

bluespiritartist(5A)March 12, 2014

I'm attending the Plantasia flower show March 22 and wondered if anyone here will be going and if you would want to do any plant/seed trades while there. Last year I did get a fantastic deal on some black E.E.s but would really like to make trades in person (because I cannot afford postage anymore!) with other online plant friends. I will take with me some rooted vanilla bean vines, variegated Cuban Oregano, Gotu Kola herb, possibly some different varieties of pineapple plants (depends on how cold it will be, don't want to leave these in car for long. Maybe some bamboo and sugarcane plants, but like I've said, depends on the cold. Seeds I will have of Heirloom varieties of tomatoes, peppers, onions etc.

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I will be there, shopping! if you want to meet for a pop

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That would be neat to meet a plant person off GardenWeb YAY! Would you like to meet up for trading? So I have some idea as to go ahead and bring some plants and seeds or just get to talk? I will msg you. Thanks nixon, this will really make my day! :)

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