HAVE: Have: tropicals and others to trade........

tina_2May 2, 2008

Have tropicals and others to trade........

Hi - I have some tropical seeds and various others to trade. Feel free to make me an offer.

I will accept seeds, plants, small rooted cuttings, whatever - just ask.

Here is my list:

1. Llang Llang vine.

2. Asarina ''Joane Loraine'' vine.

3. fragrant White Datura.

4. fragrant Lavender Datura.

5. Plumeria mixed hybrid.

6. Passiflora Foetida.

7. Vitex / Chaste tree.

8. Gloxinia - yellow.

9. Lotus.

  1. Sabal Minor Palm.

  2. Blue Vined Milkweed / cynanchum laeve.

  3. Bird of Paradise bush / caesalpinia gilliesii.

  4. Butterfly bush / purple.

  5. Butterfly bush / red.

  6. Blackeyed Susan vine.

  7. Castor bean / red.

Please email me at purplegard4me@aol.com - as I can't always check the forums. Also, please unblock your email

so I may respond.

Thanks for your time. Happy Gardening - tina_2

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I would like some of your Vitex/Chaste tree. please e-mail me

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I am interested in your bird of paradise. How do I unlock my box? You can e-mail me at gwat1@swbell.net. Thanks

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Tina, I sent you an email.

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