1 more try: HAVE Scarborough Faire tickets, 3 weekends left

txdoll(8b/Plantersville)May 8, 2009

Was able to get more comp tickets for Scarborough Faire, good through labor day weekend (value $22.00 each). I have two pairs.

I can leave them at the gate for whoever is interested in a trade, and you can drop plants by Todd's shop. Or call me & we can meet...whatever is most convenient.

My want list is long so I'm easily tempted. I'm dedicating about 1/3 acre to create a showplace for Hubby's sculptures. Perennials that will stand up to the houston heat and occasional freezes.

This list is just for starters;-)

Fruit trees: any I don't have any yet and am open to just about anything especially citrus.

kiwi vines

Snail Vine (Vigna caracalla)

grapes that produce well in the houston area

Salvias...love them and don't have many.

shade loving plants

Day lilies: anything pink or purple and ruffled.



hot weather veggie starts

Todd loves ancient looking unusual plants that make you feel like you've stepped back in time.

Let me know what you have to trade...even if it's not on the list.

Plants I currently HAVE to share: starts of a prolific red angel wing begonia, will have some 3 foot+ long hanging ivy, and may even be talked out of one of my crocodillus ferns for the right trade at the end of the show. I also have to thin the iris (a pale purple pass along from a friends grandmothers garden).

Let me know,


For the right trade...I'd even talk trading sculpture!

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I love Scarborough Faire & angel wing begonia!

I have tiny lil peach trees, probably 3 or 4, don't know the cultivar, but I think they're a late-producing type.

salvia black & blue, loves bright shade.

can take cuttings of several other salvias, light red, cherry red, & hot magenta.

a small start of variegated aucuba, I think it'll have roots by now.

herbs, does mint count? I have
small apple mint

also have garlic & garlic chives.

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Hi Sylvia,
Thanks...I'd love to trade:-)
I'm down home right now so I can bring a tiny bit of another angelwing that blooms white(really pretty foliage) as well as the red I have in abundance.

Peaches sound great..will they work in the houston area?

Yes to the lemon mint... my patch of it just gave up. I'll have some true Greek mint to share soon(Mom's friend brought seeds from the old country and I'm bringing some back from her mint bed in PA)

Any salvias you have to share would be great! I don't have any and the more I research them and see the wonderful colors...yummmm.

Ohhh, just googled variegated aucuba, looks great!

You have mail with my phone number to let me know how you'd like to connect to get your pair of tickets:-)

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I'll check email.

I love angelwings;
my Aunt Lillie gave me one in the mid-late-1960's, when she was afraid that a cold snap was going to kill it.

I just loved that beautiful plant, & ever since, angelwings have reminded me of her.

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Hi Sylvia,
I've re-sent the email, just to be certain you have my cell #.
I'm shorthanded this weekend, so dashing over to the front gate will be a challenge without advance notice. When are you wanting to come? Memorial day is the last day of faire this year.
I need a last name to put on the envelope, in case they ask for ID to pick up the tickets....you never indicated how many you need...I assumed you'd like a pair???

Brought along a baby of the pretty white angel wing for you. It's so sweet, I love the foliage on this one.

Please let me know...

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