cutting back a butterfly bush

jerome69(6)March 14, 2013

am going to cut back my butterfly bushes in the next week or it to early for the buffalo n.y. area?and what kind of fertilizer would be good for them?

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I just did a quick search to find this:

which seems to indicate that earlier is better and March should do fine. I'd do it now because you're a zone warmer than me and I've already got willow budding up here.

I didn't search for the fertilizer for you. :p I just wanted to warn you against fertilizing too early! you don't want to send it into a growth spurt when it should still lay dormant in this colder (freeze-prone) weather.

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Yes do it now, I always cut mine back in Feb..and I wouldnt fertilize now either. Good Luck

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I wait till I see leaf sprouts at the base of the bush and/or along the stems, and then cut back to that. A late heavy frost can cause die-back if I prune too early. It may also depend on what type of buddleia you have. Some are hardier than others. Mine does better when I wait.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Like susan, I always wait until I see new leaves coming out and I prune it right down to the new growth at the base. It is nearly the middle of April and mine haven't been pruned yet. I am just now starting to see new growth on mine this year. We are also going to have another short lived cool snap and rain over the week end so I am thinking that I may be able to cut them back the first part of next week

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I didn't cut mine back , it was green so I left it.... and it is leafed out to the top. Not sure which kind it is but it was a 6 inch stick last year , got it for 6 dollars and now it's taller than me. Couldn't believe how it grew so quickly.

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