Nam doc mai blooming now?!?!?

mfajarJune 12, 2011

My small nam doc mai bloomed and is holding now tiny little fruits. I thought this was an early mango, I actually just bought one that should be ripe in a couple of days. Is this normal? Or is the tree off and they will fall? The tree is in a 3 gal container which I bought last fall. It was going in ground by July but now I want to leave it alone and see what happens.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Mfajar - I believe they are purported to bloom more than once a year (at least in tropical climates)....did it bloom earlier this year, or is this the first time?

What you are insinuating is correct I believe - compared to most mangos grown in zone 10, yes that is a little late.....of course once it goes in the ground, all habits could change...perhaps it is just a youngster trying to find its way in this world?

:) Mango D

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Only nam doc Mai#4 that bloom more than once a year as far as I read in the forum. I have nam doc Mai with show sign of flower right now but not bloom yet. I just got it this early spring from FL so it might be that the change of climate as somebody mention in my post before. I don't expect any fruit this year may be next year or more.

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Mine is blooming too. If fact, mine has been blooming since November 1st and is still sending out the occasional spike. None of the blooms in the past 2 months have held any fruit, but I have other issues with my tree so it may be different for you. I've had quite a few problems with it, but I certainly can't fault it in the "blooming" department. Best of luck,

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