imam pasand

boom1(10b)June 18, 2009

anyone ever try imam pasand or know if it grows well in south florida?

im going to try growing it and alphonso (i already read the reviews lol)

i currently have po pyu kalay (lemon meringue) Julie and a Rosigold that was given to me

im looking to grow different varieties other than the common kent, haden seedlings everyone has down here

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I was pleasantly surprised with my Rosigold. I think it deserves higher marks than a lot of places give it...very silky smooth, very nice taste, and an early mango. It is a good addition to anyone's yard in my opinion.

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there arent much pictures of rosigold, on TT they have the same pic for the philipine. is rosigold a asian type or more like the rounder orange cultivar? my tree is about 5 feet so next year i should get a mango or two.

i hear from certain people it can occasionally give winter blooms. im growing chocanon for that reason, another variety im curious about what it tastes like.

i love asian varieties, im ordering an okrung tong and nam doc mai as well.

im debating on purchasing alphonse and imam pasand and growing them alongside in a row.

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