WANTED: wild or native plums

fairyoak(9)May 10, 2010

would love to have cutting or seed from wild or native Texas plum. years ago when our children were small a neighbor would bring pastry with filling made from these plums to our children. we are long gone from this area and our children are grown, but a recent conversation about the kindness of this long-ago neighbor has prompted me to want to find and grow this reminder of good times with my kids.....anyone out there know where I might find these??? thanks in advance for any help

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Womack Nursery carries some Texas wild plums - here's their description

RAINBOW WILD PLUM - A mixture of four wild plum collections made at different Texas locations. Tree is small, no taller than 10 foot. Multicolored fruit varies in color from yellow to orange, to red. Ripens June thru September. The 1/2" diameter fruit makes very good wild plum jelly. Tree is good for wildlife food and cover or landscape.

Here is a link that might be useful: Womack Nursery Plums

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reyna1(Zone 8)

I believe you contacted me regarding plum cuttings via email.
I had took a wild plum tree from my brother's house, but it did not survive as it was too big and we took it late in the season.

I just went to my brother's home last week and took some cuttings of wild plum. So far they have been in water for a week and still seem to be surviving. I have no idea if they will survive, but I have not forgotten that you want these trees and am trying really hard to get them to root.

I still have your email, so if you do not find them. I will hopefully have some rooted plums for you in a couple of months. Crossing fingers. The plant at my brother's house normally puts out smaller plants in the spring - so if worse come's to worse - I could always go back in the spring and try to dig you up a plant or two.


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What regions do these wild plums normally grow in? Are they sweet or tart? How hardy are they & how much water do they need? Are they drought-resistant, or no?

"To my delight, they were wild plums. Delicious, delicious wild plums. They were incredibly juicy and a little tart, with a really nice sweet finish."

"Texas is home to several species of wild plums. The most common, perhaps, is the Chickasaw plum (P. angustifolia), a small tree that forms thickets on prairies and savannahs from East Texas to the Rolling Plains. The rose-colored plums can be picked and eaten right off the tree. Mexican plum (P. mexicana) trees grow larger, up to 35 feet, and are more likely to be found scattered among other trees in riparian woodlands. Its purple fruit is less palatable on its own, âÂÂbut it makes wonderful preserves,â Cheatham says."

Here is a link that might be useful: wild plums

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

We have what are called "hog" or "sand" plums. They are aggressively invasive and make LARGE thickets. But make a DELICIOUS jelly or jam. HHMMMMM on a slice of butter fried homemade whole wheat bread!!! AHHHH.

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