Normal winter damgae to Mahonia?

jeanie(Z6)March 17, 2005


I planted ten mahonias last fall (got them dirt cheap). Today the snow has melted enough for me to see that almost all of the leaves are brown. Is this normal and will they drop these leaves and replace them with shiny new leaves? Also should I use Wiltpruf this fall. Thanks in advance.



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Sorry about this..Don't know what kind of mahonias you have, but this does not seem 'normal'. That could be a sign of wind damage or .. don't want to think about something worse--'dirt cheap' being the cause...

I know that very soon there'll be several threads about 'what overwintered, and what did not...

Keep us posted,

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It was wind damage they have all leafed out and are blooming.
Love fall bargins

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matt_v(Z5 central NY)

Greetings! I had up to 6 Mahonia or Oregon Grape here in Camillus. The past two winters have beaten the life out of all but one, and none grew appreaciably for me at all. My advice would be to pick a shaded, sheltered spot with a warmer microclimate. I have seen Mahonia take off and fruit prolifically in Aurora on Cayuga Lake, but alas, it will not perform for me in Camillus. Chase-Pitkin often gives this plant away for nearly no money in July. Good Luck!!

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