Early Blight? (pics)

ladonApril 8, 2012

3 or 4 of my tomato plants have developed some black spotting. I think it is early blight, but I've looked on some sites and it might also be septoria. It's not too bad yet, just some of the lower leaves and a few middle ones. We had a couple of big rains recently and the leaves got soaked. I try and keep them dry, but nature happens. I had sprayed them a week after planting out with Serenade as a preventative, and I've sprayed them again, now a month later. Also, the weather was pretty chilly for the first month (nights in the high 40s) or so in ground, but it's getting much warmer now (nights in the 50's). If this is early blight or septoria, can it be curtailed. I removed all of the affected leaves that I could find, but in past years once a disease takes hold it's been pretty hard to stop the spread. Also, is Serenade the right stuff to use, or do you recommend something else? This is the part of growing tomatoes that I hate. You try so hard to get it right, but things always seem to happen. On the flip side, the plants in general look great and I've even had some fruit set on my cherries. Anyway, I'd appreciate any suggestions that you all have.



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I have delayed plant out this year specifically because of the long, late rainy seasonw we had last year. I had my share of black spots which I thought were Bacterial Speck but who knows! I had fairly good success with copper base sprays. If Serenade does anything you could not prove it by me. Most of my problems went away or greatly diminished once it got really warm. YOur pix look a little like something my Black Cherry had which I later heard described as typical for the varitey. Never did really recover but I got some fruit. As I said,all the rest pretty well cured with sunshine. Good luck, Linda

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I prefer to pick off any diseased tomato leaves and try preventative measures only on the apparently healthy leaves. If you can stall the blight long enough, the fruit off many blighted tomatoes still tastes fine (especially cherry toms).

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Anyone else? I could really use some advice. This is my first experience with early blight and I want to make sure I'm treating it sufficiently. I'm using Serenade because it seems to treat many different plant diseases. But if it's not the right stuff to use I'd like to get on the correct regimen.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Sorry but that isn't Early Blight. It is most likely Bacterial Spot given the black stem sections. Copper-based fungicides will 'help' (a little) but the best approach since it is so early in the season is to dispose of the plants and replace them.

Do some research into the disease for many pics to compare to your plants.


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