How to fertIlizer mango w/ gritty mix?

slane15June 19, 2011

I have a potted Glenn and I'm using the original gritty mix. I was wondering what fertIlizer is everyone using and how are u applying it? I have been just using fish emulsion playing it safe. Iv read some of u are using dynomite or osmocote. But how often r u applying it and at what dosage?

Thank you all!!!

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I get my fertilizer at Excalibur. Before I started using it I had no mangos for two years, this year I have quite a few

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

For the gritty mix, I use Dyna Grow foliage pro as my fertilizer.
I feel that a synthetic fertilizer is best because the inorganic components
in the gritty mix do not create an hospitable environment for the microbes
that are required to break down organic nutrients into useable elements.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I use Dyna Gro on most of my potted gritty mix as well, but I DON'T use it on my Mango or Citrus only because its very expensive and I have some Very large containers. But it is an excellent fertilizer...Josh is right.

I've used Dynamite fertilizer, I usually follow the directions on the container on the back using the 5 gallon as a guide and doubling or tripling as needed depending on the size of your pot. I sprinkle it on top of the pot and work it in the soil keeping most of it on the outer part of the container making sure I keep it a few inches from the trunk...water it in. I like it because its complete with macro & micro nutrients. Its a slow release and doesn't burn the roots, I apply it once a year and I'm good to go because its a 9 month formula.

When its really growing and putting out new growth flushes, I also supplement with MG all purpose at 1/2 strength and add a tsp or two of Fish Emulsion. I do this every couple of weeks till the growths hardens...

Dynamite Website

Here is a link that might be useful: Video on Dynamite Fertilizer

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Thank you everyone for ur help!!

Thanks pug for ur thorough explanations!!

Another question with gritty mix... Pesticides? I have neem oil, some pest soup, and seven pesticide. Iv seen some scale on the backs of a couple of my leaves and also worried about ants (since it's on my patio, don't want to attract ants around) Which will work and be safe and how should I apply it strength/ frequency, In ur opinion?

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i grow all my citrus in 25 gallon gritty mix, I use fish emulsions, a balanced granular probably once a year, and foliar spray micronutrients.

for pesticides I use neem oil, "organicide" and malathion as last resort if the pests start getting out of hand

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