Plants that can't be killed

genoprizebull(6 Akron NY)March 25, 2013

I'm looking for plants that like to spread rather quickly and like very poor soil.The location I want to fill is a 1 foot wide area around my house foundation.It's basically clay and grave. Even weeds don't grow too well there.Any ideas will be appreciated

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I am in Batavia - maybe myrtle? I can provide some if you are interested. Or sedum perhaps? I do not have a rock garden - maybe check out options for a rock garden .

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sigh. I have so many suggestions! lol.

Variegated Bishop's Weed (Aegopodium podagraria Variegatum), but only if you can mow around it to contain it. It really is pretty stuff and if it gets to looking ratty for some reason all you do is shear it back (or mow it) and wait for new growth. Pretty flowers too -- they look just like Queen Anne's Lace. You can come and dig all you want!

Lily of the Valley would also work. Vinca Vine (vinca minor) would probably work and would be evergreen.... mine sometimes bloom through the snow. :)

It looks like Akron, NY is at least a 3 hour drive from me, though.

Just thought of another plant that would work: Pachysandra. I don't grow that though.

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Some good suggestions above. In addition here are some things I would try: Tiger lilies, Daffodils, Black eyed Susans (Rudbeckia), Cone Flowers (Echinacea) , Daisies, Asters.

Herbs & veggies to try: Mint, Chives, Jerulsaem artichokes

All of the above grow at my house. Lots of clay, lots of shale here.

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Perhaps a variety of thyme, they may a nice groundcover, smell nice, flower, and if you promote an organic program, you could just step outside and pick some off for your dinner. Lemon thyme is especially nice. Hard to kill, and I have grown it in a sunny, clay heavy site as well.

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I would go with daisies, yarrow and coneflower. Fever few. These grow on our clay shale out at Rushford lake. It is really dry soil that doesn't hold moisture. The stuff grows there. Also vinca grows there, but it doesn't go crazy. Bishop's weed is invasive and you won't be able to get rid of it once you plant it. My Aunt hates the stuff and I also have used round up all year to get rid of a few stragglers and they just keep on coming back. It will creep into other areas too. Trust me. Also, as crazy as it sounds, plain old hostas grow pretty well out at our cabin in full sun and shale. They would be green all summer and hummingbirds will come to them. Make sure you get a variety that takes sun though. You didn't say if it was sunny or shady. Prairie nursery has some good choices. Another good one to try would be High country gardens. They specialize in plants with low water needs.

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