My old shrubs need to go

sweetpea_meMarch 4, 2005

We recently bought a home built in 1963 and I think the shrubs around our entrance are just about as old as the home. Although they were healthy last year I am yearning for a fresh look. I would love a suggestion for replacing them. The plot faces north, gets minimal morning light due to very tall nearby pine trees and our livingroom window is about 6 feet off the ground in that area (split level home). I don't want to obscure my view but I'm not opposed to losing a foot or so of my view if I have something nice to look at and something the birds can enjoy. Lastly, I am inexperienced but unafraid! Thanks for reading.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Get a soil test done, specifically a pH test. If you have acid soil, there are a fair number of options. With a higher pH and a northern exposure, the number of choices falls off drastically.

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Hi, depending on how the soil checks out, some nice choices include rhododendron, azaleas, Japanese maples, numerous dwarf evergreens, to mention a few.
The soil can always be ammended, too.


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Nagamaki your photos on your web page are lovely. I currently have 1 rhododendron, 1 azalea and 2 evergreens in that spot, one coneshaped one George Jetson style. I will get the soil tested so I'll know what my other options are.

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In that case a Japanese maple might be a consideration. Many shapes and color combinations from which to choose. If your other plants are fairing well, it sounds like the soil should be fine.

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