Heavy Producing Mango Types

swrancherJune 4, 2010

I'm going to add some more Mango trees to my yard and want one or two to be extra productive types so I'll have enough fruit to send to friends and family. I don't mind large trees as long as the fruit tastes good.

I already have these type mango trees planted. Pickering, Carrie, Valencia Pride, Neelum, Graham, Rosigold, Angie, Tebow, Dot, and Tong Bi Kon.

Any ideas or suggestions for a workhorse tree that makes lots of good fruit consistantly? The types I'm thinking of are Kent, Keitt, Golden Nugget and Florigon.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

All four you mention fit the bill. Florigon is early and the other three are much later in the season with Keitt being the latest. In a given year one could produce as much or more than any of the others. They all taste good....all have good disease tolerance. All have limited or no fiber in the flesh. Kent and Keitt do produce larger fruits with Keitt producing the largest of the two. Maybe you should try one of each. I hope this helps.


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Asian mangos are usually very productive, i notice you have only one. Nam Doc Mai or Po Pyu Kalay would be a nice addition. good old Glenn is definitely missing, thats a great producer. for me that is the basic mango i compare others to. also almost everyone appreciates them.

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Kent is an excellent mango and is producing very well here in Jupiter in Northern PB county this year from the few trees I observed.

Florigon is another great tasting variety. I believe Harry's Florigon is doing well production-wise this year, right?

Keitt is an OK mango, not outstanding though and in my opinion ranks below Kent and Florigon in flavor. It is productive though and very disease resistant.

I tried Gold Nugget last year and thought it was too bland.

I would add Fairchild to the list of recommend-eds that produce well. People have varying opinions on Glenn but I happen to like it and its also a pretty productive variety, and is usually readily available.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I cannot reccommend Glenn for your mucky, not so well drained soils of SouthWest Ranches....it is productive but the fruit will be watery...unfortunately. Glenn does much better and is a great mango for sandier, well draining soils....like Hollywood and further east. Glenn fruit, while watery for freah eating, do still make excellent mango for dehydration. Nam Doc Mai has not been a great producer for me and the fruit tends to split on the tree before full maturity...again, I think for the same reasons as stated above. Po Pu Kalay has been a very good mango here and I could definitely add that to my recommmended choices as well, especially if you like a little bit of tart zing to your mango flavor. I really can't comment on Fairchild as a choice. I have one, but it was badly damaged in the last hurricane and I am still evaluating it for our western soil conditions.


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I would go with a Kent and Keitt. Both are workhorses and are excellent mangos...plus their seasons are different which is a real plus.

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Thanks for the input everyone. I did the drive down to Pine Ialand Nursery first thing this morning excited to buy another tree. Looked at the Florigon, Fairchild, Nam Doc Mai and Kent 3 gallon trees. All were small, very small and not so great looking. I asked why everything seemed so small and was told a nursery had just picked up a wholesale order and picked all the larger trees. In the end, I decided to hold out for some better Mango trees and instead got a nice Grumichima tree.

Actually Fairchild is on my "gotta get it" list, productive or not...I'm leaning towards getting a Florigon and either a Keitt or Kent. I have a tree hopefully taking to its graft at Harry's that will round out my Southeast Asian Mangos very nicely ;) as well. Theres just way to many good choices.

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every 3 gallon i have purchased from pine island has been small, either short or a whip. but they always have a nicely developed trunk, which is more important. i received an Okrung Tong from top and it was a twig, it died from the winter.

smaller trees are good because they have healthy roots. especially fast growers like mango, they get established just as fast.

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Mangokush - I dont mind small when the trunks are decently developed but these were just tiny the trunks being maybe pencil thick, if even... I was tempted to ask them what nursery bought the trees so I could go there. Worse comes to worse I'll get a Fairchild at the Fairchild next month.

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Fairchild is not a large tree, its similar to an asian type like nam doc mai

when you said heavy producing i thought you were looking to fill some wheel barrows :)

i was going to first say Kent but i see you have a Tebow, maybe wait and see how productive that one is, it may be very similar to kent.

Zill is another variety that produces alot, its a Haden seedling, beautiful red color

Golden Nugget is like Glenn, it can be watery some seasons especially because its a late season. i like them because they are the last mangos pine island has available in season, very late

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I was at the Fruit and Spice Park today in Homestead for a class and the only 2 mangos in the park that have decent production this year are.....Florigon and Fairchild. In fact, many of the trees in the park, if not a majority, have no fruit at all this year.

By the way, the original Florigon tree (or trees, as there appears to be more than one) is still at its original location in Ft. Lauderdale. Here's a wikipedia article I recently wrote about it:

Here is a link that might be useful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florigon_%28mango%29

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I bought a Florigon and a Fairchild Mango tree today at PIN.

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