WANTED: Fall 05 Mercer swap

jennifer9906(8/9)June 22, 2005

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that the fall date is October 29th. Hope you have a great Summer and see ya there in the fall!

Feel free to email me or check out the website for more info!

Here is a link that might be useful: plantmeet website

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I'm putting in oleader cuttings next month if anyone has any requests.
Also I will root more of the Brazilian flag-megaskepasma erythrochlamp, assorted cuphea including pink and a giant orange/yellow one,
Have rooted:
double white brugs
hymenocallis-white spider lilies
Crinum-a deep red, milk and wine and asiactum
Amorphophallus konjac
Antigonon leptopus-white-coral vine
Callisia fragrans-Indian peace pipe wandering jew
Clerodendrum trichotomum-peanut butter tree
1 or 2 small cycas revoluta-sago palm
Mascagnion macroptera-butterfly vine
Assorted passiflora-they pop up in the yard so who knows
Physostegia virginiana-obedient plant
Piper auritum-root beer plant
Clerodendrum bungeii
Assorted bananas
Assorted stuff
If anyone wants any let me know & I will dig up the alpinia zerumbut-pink shell ginger or the cardamom ginger.
Tally HO!

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dragonfli(9 TX)

Tally please save me a double white brug, clerodendrum trichotomum, and plumeria. I have yellow and pink but any other color would be great.
Let me know what I can bring you.

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dragonfli(9 TX)

Ok here is what I have
Yellow bells
ginger white butterfly, shell, and cardimon
mondo grass
society garlic
passion vine incense? and foetida
var. lantana yellow
mock orange
red amaryllis
fire spike red and pink
clerodendrum ugandense blue butterfly
bleeding heart vine red
yellow 4 oclocks
snail vine
turks cap
elephant ears
russian oregano?
loquat tree
pecan tree
oak tree
camphor tree
lady in red salvia
crocosmia orange
brazilian plume pink and white
Please let me know what you would like some I only have a few and some I have to dig.
Thanks Shannan

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vossner(z9 houston)

howdy tally. WOuld you please save me plumeria, any color (but 1st choice is yellow) and cleredendrum bungeii? thanks. the variegated oleander Mrs Runge you gave me rooted and is doing so well! already planted inground.

shannon, I wouldn't mind a rooted mock orange.

I don't know yet what all i'll have. working on my list.

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janet_w(TX 8)

Since the only seeds I've ever sown were winter sowed. I'm trying to get ready for the Mercer swap to get things going now to have some plants ready by Oct but I'm kinda confused.
When it says germ 2-3 weeks "warm" does that mean I can sow them outside now?

And when it says germ 2-3 weeks at 70 deg, Does that mean I can sow them inside?

Thanks Janet

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patio_garden_girl(Huntsville, TX)

Hi! I'm looking for hibiscus, a rosemary bush, lillies, and that's about it. I'm sure I'll add when I think about it later.

I have aloe vera and am rooting confederate jasmine (white fragrant blooms) right now...I don't have much..I'm a newbie to this and enjoyed the Mercer Swap so much--nothing can hold me back...not even crutches again!

I'm really into container gardening, however, I just took over my mother's flower beds and would like to add some roses, the hibiscus, and lillies...and anything purple...She loves purple!

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dragonfli(9 TX)

Ok bad news I am not going to be able to make it I didnt look at the date very well, my sons birthday is the 28th and we will be having his party on the 29th. I will be at the other swaps in galveston co and the fort bend co earlier in the month. So if you wanted something for me let me know if you wil attend them. Tally would still like to get some of those plants. I will see you all in the spring. Thanks Shannan

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Dragonfli-I'm going to the Galveston swap so I'll bring you them there. You COULD have the party at Mercer, what kind of gardener are you? I told the Krewe that if they did the brisket sale that weekend-I do the plant sale-they would NOT have me. LOL!
Promised all the peanut butter trees, I'll see if I can go dig up some more babies before the trade.
patio_garden_girl, how will we know you without crutches??? I have crinums and hymenocallis if you want some. Ditch lilies and spider lilies.
Vossner-I think I even know which one of the plumeria is yellow! Really it is white with yellow center but called yellow.
Tally HO!

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janet_w(TX 8)

Just wanted to keep the link from go away.

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It's been so hot I really haven't gotten started on rooting and digging. Plan to get a lot done this next week when I'm off so I'll update my list. Tally HO!

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janet_w(TX 8)

Jennifer we'll bring some Ice, cups, mayo and mustard.
Tally i'm still working on what to give you for the trade we made.

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shadester(7-8 TX)

So Tally, you know what I want!!! I mean plants that is!! All the Gingers and Crinum I can get....Plumeria would be nice too....Thanks david in Arlington

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janet_w(TX 8)

Is the plant swap still on for Oct 29th?

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magnolia53(z8b, TX)

jennifer, i'll bring chips.

my have list;
5 blackie sweet potato
2 coral carpet rose
2 burgundy caster bean
3 charles grimaldi brugmansia
2 david verity cuphea
2 devil's backbone variegated
1 dr suess brugmansia
8 mexican heather cuphea
1 mrs chambers 1 brugmansia
1 pink lemonade honeysuckle
7 rosemary bush
2 umbrella plant

i'm looking for shade tolerate plants, yarrow,brugmansia and maybe some simple yard art.
thanks, debbie

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janet_w(TX 8)

Would anyone like any of the following?
I lost a lot of the plants from hurricane Rita's winds I had growing for the swap.
What I have right now. I hope to have more to bring.

If anyone is interested in dried Basil let me know

Cosmos seeds several packs

cleome seeds several packs bloomed pinkish purple and white

lantana plants I think they are Camry, and Texas gold I have 7 or 8 6 inch pot

Clerodendrum Bungei plants I have 10 gal pot

4 live oak trees small gal pot

Gladiolus small in gal pot. I think I have 2 left not sure of the color

Iris plant in a gal pot not sure what color it is have 2 left

My wish list
White Lantana, Wild Sage (Lantana involucrata)
Rooted Mexican flame vine
Anything evergreen
Anything that attracts hummers and butterflies

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patio_garden_girl(Huntsville, TX)

Well, I also have aloe vera plants that I would love to trade. Anybody interested? I will also have a dallas red lantana plant to trade. My jasmine clippings didn't do well at all...of course, i found out I'm suppose to try and root them in the cool fall, so I will try that again in a few months. Maybe I'll have some for the spring swap.

Tally--My plumerias are doing fabulous! Thanks so much...ditch lillies--are they purple?? I would love them!

I'm also looking for another blackberry vine to put in my hanging basket. My mother had her flowerbeds cleared out before I could go back and get some more.

I do have some wandering jews, if anyone is interested? I'm trying to get them going to put in mom's flower bed, but I'm willing to share!

Again, I don't have much...I'm a newbie at all this, but I just love my new patio container garden! I have my jasmine, garlic chives and onion chives (anybody interested, I'll share!), aloe vera, and my blackberry vine!

Good Gardening to ALL!

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janet_w(TX 8)

Does anyone have any of these plants hopefully rooted that I can trade you something for them? Please let me know.

Blue Chinese Wisteria
Wisteria sinensis

Trumpet Creeper
Campsis radicans

Yellow Trumpet Creeper
Campsis radicans 'Flava'


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Well, due to Rita I lost some of the cuttings, haven't put in oleanders yet-I'll bring cuttings of the variegated, just got in the Brazilian flag cuttings-I'll bring some unrooted ones of those too.
Still trying to dig out the garden from all the leaves, the trees are all stripped bare.
David, I got you a BUNCH of crinums-may be JC Hardee, the clump is in the front & needs to gogogo, I'll dig the gingers the week of the trade, and I have a great dwarf banana pup for you, trying to keep it small enough for the van-dwarf cavendish, I'm not sure of any of the other nanners-Rita was brutal to them. Got ya a bunch of plumeria too. You know I'll trade for cookies-put down the cookies and step back, this means you Jennifer and Clay!
PLUS all my avocadoes blew out of the tree and all the pecans.
My peanut butter tree lost all it's leaves but the babies look great! Go figure, mine was on the south side, protected, they were on the west side and no protection!
Also have blue agave-tequilla plants grown from root cuttings.
I'm bringing bar-b-que sauce, Pepsi, Ozarka and whatever else Jennifer tells me to.
Shannon-I'm still going to try and make the Galveston Co. swap but Rita has put a hurt on me, between the evacuation, trying to get everything put up, cleaned up, I've neglected my trading duties!
Tally HO!

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Yadda(8-9 TX)

Please check out my haves and usual wants on the link below. I have a couple of new wants. I would like some bur oak seedlings and/or acorns and some chinquapin seedlings and/or acorns. Yadda out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trade listing

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Please check my rose list that I posted in this forum.


- Seiko

Here is a link that might be useful: My rose list

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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

I really, really, want a clerodendrum ugandense. Anybody have one to spare. I have 3 rooted double pink confederate rose plants to add to my haves listed above.

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vossner(z9 houston)

I will be going this event. I have
small rooted aloe, turns burgundy in the fall
named TB irises
variegated wandering jew (green/white)
a couple of unnamed daylilies
5-6 Hyperion daylilies (yellow, fragrant)
dbl white brug cuttings
6" aztec grass
a clump of green mondo grass

send me an email for pretrades, I can send pix and particulars on the plants I have.

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I love this meet! On the top of my wish list would have to be St joseph's lily, I have hear they are very easy to grow, but hard to get, or $$$ to purchase.....I have to trade: huricane lilies, ginger, maybe a nice piece of my own hand made pottery, fall blooming climatis, plumeria cuttings,

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magnolia53(z8b, TX)

i also have two bleeding heart vines, small but rooted, to add to my 'have' list. i'm also looking for lots of 1 gallon containers. thanks, debbie

Here is a link that might be useful: clerodendrum picture

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I'll be bringing the following: chinese evergreen, parlor palm, boston & ruffle ferns, umbrella tree, ornamental var. pepper, 2 different cactus, orange jassamine, var & green spiral gingers, elephant ear, pink salvia, cardomon ginger, macho fern, gold cestrum, bromeliad, shrimp plant, var. aztec grass, red kalanchoe, pink brugmansia, var. duranta, brunfelsia, cilantro seedlings, one jackfruit, root beer plant, ficus tree, chile pequin.
On request I can bring cuttings of pink and red firespike, several coleus, magilla perilla, bleeding heart clerodendrun.
I can also brink white butterfly ginger, orange daylilies, and cannas if anyone wants.
I'm looking for spinach seeds and variegated aspidistra
Debbie (daisytx)

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janet_w(TX 8)

I'm sorry I want be able to go to the plant swap after all. We finally received our Ins check will be replacing our roof shingles from hurricane Rita this weekend. Have fun. Hope to see everyone in the spring.

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Does anybody have a red century plant????? I shure would like to get one

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I think I'll bring the following plants besides rooted roses:

Texas Star Hibiscus,Hibiscus coccineus
Dianella tasmanica,Variegata
Butterfly Bush (white)
Butterflyweed, Yellow
Rose Mallow - Pink
Salvia splendens "Van Houttei"
Centratherum intermedium "Brazilian Button Flower" (from Sachiko)

I'm looking for a Rangoon Creeper (rooted or cuttings).


- Seiko

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Just want to let everyone know, I won't be able to make the Mercer Fall Swap this weekend. I'll be thinking about you all and about David's famous cookies! :o) I'll see some of you before the Spring Swap. I hope to see everyone else next Spring. Have a great Swap!!!!


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