So. Cal, Mango many flowers, always few fruits. what should I do.

Rainbird1June 1, 2013

Hi all
I have a 20 yr old mango. Approx 10 ft high.
Every year we get tons of flowers...yield is approx 7 mangoes. All the flowers fall off. what can be happening ? Fertilizer, intermittant watering? looking for more fruit,
I have another similar tree , last year had at least 75-80 mangoes... that tree is 50 ft away.
Any suggestions appreciated.
This year, I fertilized both w Chicken pellets (manure). Approx 3 weeks ago ...crossing my fingers
thanks for your help

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A photo would be of huge help. It might be too shady,wet,or dry in that spot.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I'm guessing So. CA is (zone) 10? It could be your tree is getting hit with a sprinkler system (maybe) during the flower blooming stage and could be getting anthracnose and or Powdery mildew which is very detrimental to blooms.

If you do have Anthracnose you can try spraying the blooms next year with Copper during bloom set and if you have Powdery Mildew I believe you can use Sulphur? Check with your local Agriculture Dept or ask a reputable fruit nursery for their advise...Good luck!

Do you know what variety it is? And yes do you have a picture?

The fact that its 20 years old and only 10 ft tall sounds like a Dwarf variety unless you prune it yearly to keep it this size? If its a seedling...that might be part of the reason, may not be a reliable bloomer... just a guess though...

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The mango was grown from a seed. As of today, there are many small mangos about the size of an almond seed, but, typically they fall off. There appears to be no leaf disease and definitely no water spraying issues.
One side of the mango is next to a wall. Perhaps not quite enough sun ?

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If the other tree is producing that well so close to it the problem could well be shade. Be careful with the ferttiliser, too much nitrogen will boost leaf growth to the detriment of fruit development. You need the potassium to be higher for fruit.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Yes, Rainbird - I have a friend around the corner from me here in Palm Springs who gets a tiny handful of fruits every year from a huge tree, and I don't know what to say to her to help. The tree looks healthy and gets plenty of sun, but something, whether it's nutritional or a watering issue, is allowing very few fruits to hold.

How much water and how often does this tree get water compared to the other productive tree? Actually go out when the sprinklers or bubblers are on and take a look at the watering situation. I had a tree once that looked fine but never produced - I discoverd the sprinkler head was clogged and it was surviving on very little water.

if it's nutritional, the only think I can suggest is a balanced fertilizer with a less Nitrogen and more
emphasis on Potassium and Phosphorous. I always feed it MUCH more diluted than the instructions on the package and more often. Even as often as every 2 weeks throughout the growing season. I mean I'm trying to figure out how to get trees to hold more fruit myself......

Ah, the mysteries of tree intelligence.....

But Stanofh is right - a picture would really help....


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Hi all
I am following your suggestion. the instructions call for 1/2 lb per 100 sq ft. its a 0-0-22 forumulation.
Does anyone have any suggestion on how to apply it, do I just use a rake to mix on the surface and wet it?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I usually apply right before a rain shower so I don't have to water it by hand...but that's not always possible I know.

I sprinkle it around the "dripline" of the tree canopy...where the edges of the branches/leaves are (don't put fertilizer close to the trunk )...I try to use about 1/2 of the recommended dosage on the instructions and apply a little more basically if it tells me to use it 3x times a year...I half the fertilizer and use it 6 times a year..but that's just me. Less more often is better than too much at one time...Water it well by hand or use one of those hose end sprinkler attachment and leave it on for several minutes till its nice and wet in that area...

Is this the fertilizer you're using..if it its I would contact them and ask them what they recommend for your tree...Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: 0-0-22 Fertilizer

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I had lots of flowers last year and after the fruit developed (4) I ended up with one that grew until it was almost ripe, then my dog ate it.

This year I hand pollinated and I have hundreds of little fruits. I'm keeping an eye on them!

I only feed my mango (atufo, sp?) fish emulsion or I will even bury fish heads in the soil as far from the trunk and the furthest set of leaves.

I raise chicken and their poo can be very 'hot' and cause more damage than good. Their only poo I will ever put directly on my plants or in their soil is rabbit. Chicken poo is best composted or made into a very fine tea that is heavily diluted.

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OK,...its Feb 2014 and I want to tell you that in December we had at least 70 mangos from the tree I originally started this thread on.
I had applied the chickenpoop pellets and somewhere around Jun I added the sulpo mag once and approximately two months later..... the mangos were plentiful and delicious. the first year ever we had a banner crop. Thank you all for your suggestions.... gonna do it again this year

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I believe you. I've seen that myself with Mango trees here. I used a premium box fertilizer with bat guano...and in one week,or less, I saw the dark green flush come over that tree.
I might try the chicken and mag this year...and for other plants too!

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