WANTED: wanted: Chinese Tallow Trees

sylviatexas1June 18, 2014

can use a lot of them.

have red oak seedlings, a couple of small pecan seedlings, 1 cottonwood, box elder, something that may be an althea.

also have pigeonberry, vinca, irises, cannas, water plants (horsetail, parrot feather, water lily of some kind), couple of baby red yuccas.

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I pull them up by the hundreds out of my flower beds, but I could not, with a clear conscience, send them anywhere else in the state.

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so I'm still looking!

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anybody have seedlings?

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I've been potting tallow tree seedlings as I pull them out of my flower beds. If you still have some, I will trade for red oak seedlings.

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I have about one zillion red oak seedlings,
will start potting them up this week!

Please let me know via email on my member page where you are;
I'm in Waxahachie, just south of Dallas.

Maybe we can 'meet in the middle', etc.


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marilyn_c(z9 Tex.coast)

Sylvia, they have seed pods on them now....I can send you about a million seeds in a couple of months, but if it ever gets out that you got them started in your area, they might string you up. I believe I read somewhere that the original owner of Teas Nursery in Houston is the one who brought them here and got them started. They do make a fast growing tree that has fall color....something not very plentiful around here...fall coloring. I don't think they make a very long lived tree though....maybe 30 to 40 years. Let me know if you still want some seeds and I can send you all you want in a few months. They are also a very messy tree....always dropping something....blooms, seeds, the seed pods themselves, and leaves....but if you want some seeds, I can send you all you want.

I remember about 25 years ago, someone was buying the seeds....when they first drop they are white, then turn black. I think they wanted just the white ones....was going to try to find a use for them....making what, I don't know. I remember my neighbor at the time was collecting the seeds to sell.

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Thanks, Marilyn!
I can use some seeds, just one 'envelope's worth'.

I think they're actually illegal in Houston, but Houston has *water* to go with its summer heat;
in the Dallas area, summer means dry as last week's toast.

I had a Chinese tallow several years ago, & I never had trouble with them spreading through the neighborhood.

In fact, there used to be a huge one at Dallas's Fair Park, on a rise in the middle of a vast empty space, & it was all by itself, not an offspring in sight.

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Do NOT send those seeds! This is a noxious weed in Texas and is on the ban list. You can get fined for mailing the seeds and/or seedlings. There is a big statewide effort to get rid of these trees. They are pushing out the native flora. Birds don't eat the berries, they multiple like fiends, drying up wetlands, etc. etc. There is a new herbicide that is used just to target this plant and plans to arial spray areas that are severely infested.

All you need is the state spraying your yard!
Plant responsibly!!
Tally HO!

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