So many tomatoes, so little time (and room)!

2ajsmamaApril 6, 2014

Need to decide ASAP (like today? may have to sell excess if I start too many).

I have started the following early-mid season indeterminates

Cosmonaut Volkov (1/2 lb or so, 65DTM)
Grandma Mary's paste (68 DTM)
Rutgers (75 DTM) - had these last year but not a good tomato year so didn't get Rutgers, couldn't really decide on taste of the pastes

So I ordered the following from Sand Hill and want to start about 6 of each variety today to trial, problem is I don't have room for much more than 150 indeterminates, and determinates still take up space unless I put them in pots which I may have to

Indeterminates for trial:

Bloody Butcher (I grew the RL Burpee version, don't really think it was BB) and Moravsky Div - was thinking starting only 6 seeds of each, may grow out 4-6 total (figuring some losses along the way). I think these must be very similar.

Orange Minsk - start 6 seeds? My only orange-yellow b/c I don't think I have the room for another though I have seeds for Golden Queen and Goldie

Cherries - I have Gardener's Delight (way too many, like 50) started, could skip Super Sweet 100 this year (only have 7 germinated unless I buy more seed) but also have Cheeseman's (grape) and Camp Joy seeds I wanted to try for reds, probably 6 of each. Problem is I ordered 3 different yellows and a green (Green Doctor's, not Frosted) - Galinas, Ester Hess, and Dr. Carolyn. Should I start 6 of each, 4 of each? and trial all 3 yellows? Grow the green at all this year? that 150 tomato plant count I want to include not only a dozen or so of Grandma Mary's, maybe a dozen Rutgers for canning, and a dozen Cosmonauts, I also have seeds germinated for my favorite late-season varieties CP, BK, Sudduth BW, and I want to trial Mark Twain since I didn't get any last year - I'm thinking 6 of each (I can sell the extra) plus Rose de Berne.

So without starting any more seed, I'm figuring 78 plants of the indeterminates plus 24 red cherries and 6 Orange Minsk so I'm already at 108.

So with room for 42 plants, how many of the yellow/green cherries should I start? Because I also have seed for and wanted to trial the following determinates:

Latah (have 13 from trade started, want to start 6 from Sand Hill to compare, would probably only plant 6-12 total)

Sophie's Choice -definitely want to start 6 of these, even if I put some in pots, since they are a good size (1/2 lb) and seem to be popular here

Sandpoint - start 6 of these, how many to go in-ground, want to try these since they supposedly get a second flush so I'd treat as indeterminate even if short, though I do want to see how they do in pots.

Kootenai - want to start 6 of these, they're very early, does anyone know how long they keep producing b/c I could make more room for them if they're short-lived, plant broccoli or something else in that space so not included in my "tomato space allowance"?

Gem State - also want to try these though I don't know if they all have to go in pots, mainly b/c a 4oz tomato is a decent size, better than the "salad" tomatoes most earlies produce though these are 65DTM so not extremely early, don't know if it's worth devoting in-ground space to them?

Moscow - very early "salad" tomato, 2-3ft tall so pots might not be a good choice but should I devote in-ground space to these when I have Latah?

Shoshone, Benewah and Bonner - same question, in fact, should I start any seeds of these at all this year (wanted to do side-by-side comparison of all the determinate salad types but may not have the space to do it all the same year)?

Has anybody grown any of these, what are opinions on productivity, taste, suitability for container growing (obviously not the cherries)?

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I did start some Golden Queen, did not start Moscow. I'm wondering about Sandpoint now since I found a post on another forum where Carolyn said it was a spitter ;-)

If anyone has grown any of these tomatoes I'd appreciate opinions on taste, etc.

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I am in the same boat as you. I have repotted 120 plants and still have at least 50 or more to do. I usually plant 36 plants but will probably up that to 48 this year. Sorry I haven't grown any of the varieties you have questions on, but I had a question for you or anyone else. How many plants to do a good trial of a variety?

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I don't know, I figure at least 3, so you have to start more in case of poor germination, problems hardening off, cutworms, etc. Anything I think I may want to take to market, at least 6 of each variety. I usually grow about a dozen each of a dozen varieties, give or take (125-150 plants) each year.

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Thanks ajsmama, that's what I had in mind so I'll go with that.

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