anyone go to gardenscape?

yjtj(5/6 NY)March 21, 2005

i was wondering how it was? as good as last year? i planned on going saturday but blew my knee out friday and spent sat in the emergency room. so far it looks like a torn acl, will know for sure once the mri gets done. i wanted to go so bad, last years was great and it really gets yah reved up and ready for summer. guess ill have to get reved up looking at books and magazines.

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husky004_(z5 NY)'d you do that...I did mine about 10 years ago and it was the worst pain i ever had...wishing you a good recovery.

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yjtj(5/6 NY)

i was trying to stay healthy and lose some weight exercising. i have been running a few months and read online that jumping rope burns as many calories. so i thought id change it up a little and try jumping rope. i guess my knee just wasnt up to it. it was sore on and off for about a year. anyway third time out jumping rope my knee poped, gave away and hurt like hell. they drained bloody liquid out of it today, so there guessing its a torn acl, the mri will tell for sure. just curious, how long initially did it take to get back to being usable. when should i plan on going to work?

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adina72(z5 CNY)

Hi everyone! I went to Gardenscape. Here's some pictures. It was my first "real" garden show so I didn't really know what to expect. The displays were nice, but I wish they had more stuff to buy. We only spent about 4 hours there and 1 hour was a seminar, which I enjoyed very much. Of course, if I hadn't been with the DH, I might have stayed longer...LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of Garden Show

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

I enjoyed Gardenscape, but the vendors were better last year. I did get 3 plants when I was there, though, lol. I'm hoping to go to Plantasia in Buffalo next week!

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bklyndirt(5 Ithaca)


Glad to find an Upstate forum - I was addicted to my NYCity forum before I moved last fall. I went to Gardenscape with all the money I would allow myself to spend in one pocket and NO credit cards. It was my strategy to keep myself from spending too much. Sorry to say there was very nearly nothing to buy plants-wise. I used to go the the Philadelphia Garden Show every year and would always come back with way too many interesting houseplants as well as an amazing array of bulbs, corms, and tubers; granted that's a much larger show.

Other than that, the displays were nice but just short of truly inspired. I can't believe how many designers used the same coleus. Is our plants palette really that limited? I still can't appreciate a designer that puts delphiniums and tulips in the same bed! It's like filming a civil war movie with the general text messaging his orders to the troops.

I don't mean to sound crabby - in fact I had the same complaints about the larger shows.

All in all I spent 2-3 pleasant hours wandering around. It definitely worked at giving me back my gardening bug after a long cold winter.

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adina72(z5 CNY)

I know what you mean. I noticed how most of the displays used alot of the same plants...very disappointing.

Is Plantasia any better?

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I went to Gardenscape. It was my first flower show so I'm not sure what to compare it to. I think the displays could have showed more unique flowers. There's so many new things coming out so I would have expected more of that. I did buy some rex begonias and seeds. And was pleased to find the begonias.

I'm going to Plantasia next week. I will let you know how that went.

I've posted pictures from Gardenscape. They aren't the best since it was crowded and hard to stop to take pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenscape Pictures

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husky004_(z5 NY)

Plantasia is a bit small...some nice exhibits...but not like the big shows...I go every year just to get outta my winter mode and into my summer mode.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I can understand why the plant palette is limited given our climate and the unavailability of a wide variety of plants from greenhouses.

I agree that some of the displays were uninspired, but a few were wonderful! I absolutely loved the "fairy garden". With the huge, solid rock table, the little earthen oven, a fabulous water fountain, treasure chest, etc. I guess it really appealed to the child in me, so well done and with so much detail. Their bizarre large seed pods came from a kentucky coffee tree. Made me consider planting one out of the way just to collect the seedpods, since I'd never seen them before.

So I came away with a few ideas of things I want to try in my garden, and got my much much needed dose of spring.

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