Help me iron out my mango problems!

greenthumbon1handJune 6, 2014


I have a cogshall mango in a clay pot outside (in Ft. Lauderdale) and it's planted in Vigoro organic potting mix, and I'm pretty positive it has an iron deficiency. A garden center recommended I spray Southern Ag chelated liquid iron on the leaves (so I bought it), but should I pour it on the soil instead? Would that acidify the soil (I've read that if the soil is too alkaline, iron isn't in a form available to the mango)? Is the clay pot contributing to the problem? Also, I dumped in some pellets of 6-4-6 fish and kelp fertilizer - should I scoop those out before I apply the iron?


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I'd spray the leaves, it gets into the plant quicker. Fish and kelp pellets shouldn't be a problem but you can over fertilise. Especially in a pot as there isn't much soil to act as a buffer. Balances change more rapidly in a pot. And you can get mineral salt build up if you don't give it a good flush with water now and again.

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Thanks! I actually dumped some in the soil yesterday, so I'll see how it goes, but I'll probably spray if afterwards.

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I have been told by a good source that dumping micro-nutrients of any type in the soil is useless. To test it I tried it on a carambola that was slightly affected with chlorosis and nada.

A foliar spray worked.

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" dumping micro-nutrients of any type in the soil is useless"

from my understanding, it is very dependant
on what form they are in.

it does take time also, organics are released into the soil slowly.
foliar spray is probably the best bet for a fix, but, for long term, good soil should have them in the "normal" organics of the soil....

I use rock dust, crab, and my "special" compost.

the compost has coffee grinds, urea/urine, 2lb of milk based protein powder (that was expired.) -a few crushed multi-vitamins, nettle, , spirulina and grass / leaves... :)

seems to work real good for me.

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If that Cogshell is a non producer,cut it down. Get something that in three years that you will enjoy.
If a tree is well known to take a long time to a Rambutan,then wait. But Mango? You should have been eating fresh Mango since 2010 at least.

Also,in that pic it looks like the tree has aphid soot all over it. Whatever it is,isn't good.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Yup, that tree needs to be has Black sooty mold. I bet if you treat it a couple of times and get rid of just might produce for you...

Cogshall is a pretty good producer...

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I have 3 Cogshall trees...

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I have two sapodilla with sooty mold despite treatment and they produce fruit year round. I also have a suspected west Indian mango that used to live right under a huge avocado that had scale and sooty mold also despite treatment and it fruited profusely.

Here's two links to read:

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I had sooty mold last year on my one Cogshall and unfortunately, most of the fruits didn't make it...just about all the pannicles started to turn brownish and very few blooms were pollinated... the few fruits that survived had black sections on the flesh and didn't ripen well...I treated it a couple of times after that and finally got rid of it and the tree is blooming now...I hope it has better production this year.

Maybe, there was something else going on other than sooty mold? I'm glad your trees fruiting were not affected by it Gnappi :o)

Good luck!

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i had sotty mold on my satsu8am, and on another orange tree

i used neem, soap etc...
finally, i just used the spray nozzle on high pressure...
cleaned those leaves right up.
i think it was really starting to effect the photosynthesis

a hose, lol...
low-tech solutions sometimes work better.

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