Growing A Magnolia Tree

greattigerdane(z5NY)April 21, 2006

Does anyone grow this tree successfully here NY? I have been thinking of getting one, but my neighbor said he tried one once, but one of the winters killed it off.

He thought if it was planted closer to his house protected from the winter winds, it probably would have survived.

Should I just get a crab-apple tree instead?

Thanks for any input,

Billy Rae

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reign(z5 NY)

I have one in my yard. Right now it is so pretty since it is blooming. Mine is only about 5'. It started as a twig with a prayer about five years ago. I don't protect it in the winter from winds. I don't give it care or attention (if I did - it would die. Just how it goes with me :))

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I think it depends on the variety that you get that makes a difference up here. There are some that are hardier than others. The ones that grow down south are not hardy here.


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There are dozens of magnolias blooming right now in my little town of Middleburgh, NY, zone 5. We've got a baby planted and can't wait for her to grow up. Decided we had to have one when we saw all the others doing so beautifully. Penny is right, the variety makes a difference. I have "Betty". Don't know what the other gardeners have.

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krazyaroider(Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6)

I have Magnolia 'Butterflies' that is beginning to open it's yellow blossoms. I also have M. acuminata, virginiana, tripetala, hypolueca, ashei, Tulip tree - Lirodendron tulipfera,and Bracken' brown beauty.
I am growing an unnamed variety of southern Magnolia from Appalachian Nursery when it was also a retail operation.
I have Magnolia macrophylla on order.
I live in Hamburg, NY that is listed as zone 6 as I am exactly 1.5 mile from Lake Erie shoreline. My trees are protected from the winter elements until they are established.
HTH & enjoying the warm weather!

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I have a Magnolia that has those big fuchia and white blossoms. I looked up the name and it's Magnolia Soulangeana. It's a "baby" too. I've had him for 2-3 years now. So far, so good. It's got a little bit of a buffer of trees to the south of it. It's on the west side of a little hill. One other suggestion, I mulch it over the winter. Especially since it's young. It's really easy too. Just add a little mulch and/or some leaves as you rake in the fall. Twigs too. The winter is the culpret so every little bit helps.

Also, ask a person at a good nursury. (Not the big box stores.) They are usually experienced and, as in my case, I got it at Hewitt's, they gave me good advice and told me if they are wrong, they have a life long guarantee!

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot everyone for telling me about the success you all have had with your own tree(s) I really want one! I wrote down the names of the ones mentioned, hopefully I can find one of those and have my own beautiful magnolia, oh, and I will mulch, just in case!

Billy Rae

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von1(z4 NY)

I have a pink one that I think is "Jane". Must confess that I bought if from a chain store, so I'm not sure of the name. Some are more hardy than others so watch for that. It has been here in my zone 4 for about 3 years now. Its about 5 feet tall and covered with buds that are just starting to pop. If I don't have a visit from the deer it should be beautiful. The deer totally defoliated my big rododendron. They did this a few years ago and it took 2 years to recover. We do put the wooden teepees over the shrubs to help protect them from the wind.

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Von1, that's a beauty! I never thought about the deer! Ugh! They got my roto's this spring. I'm still seeing red. So you do anything to protect the Magnolia? I'm sure as it gets bigger it gets too big. What about your rhotodendrons? Do you now do something early spring? I hope I'll have some blooms on them NEXT spring!

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Thanks, I'll add "Jane" to the list.
That's a nice shaped tree you have, and I'm sure as it grows, it will be gorgeous!


We have plenty of deer around here since we live near the woods, but for some reason, the deer have never bothered my two Rhododendron bushes, one being about ten ft tall, but they have eaten the neighbors for some reason in the winter months year after year.
So they bought some of that mesh type protective netting and used it this past winter and worked! So that be something you could look into.The mesh can be pricey though.

Billy Rae

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

This was just a little 1-2" plant from a Mothers day plant sale at Agway when planted in the late 70"s or early 80"s , besides a mulch once or twice in its life it gets no special care but lots of sun.No problems except I wish it would flower all thru the year. I would highly recommend a magnolia. Kareen P.S. Please excuse the horrible yard and storage trailer....we just moved back in after a 7 month remodel but haven't yet done the grading and seeding.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

That's beautiful Kareen! I have been ogling everyone's all around town and must get one!

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

Ther's a magnolia growing wild along the Sagtikos Parkway in Long Island NY. I see it every spring.

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ruth_ne(z5 NE)

I have a magnolia Jane that I planted in a pot this spring. Now winter is coming I need help deciding how to winter it. I have it in a large plastic planter can I just wrap the whole thing, pot and plant. Or should I just wrap the pot and lower part of the tree (its only 2' tall)Or should I just leave it like it is but move it close to the house out of the strong winter winds? And hope for Global warming. LOL Thanks for any and all help.

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