June update in La Habra

jfernandez(10B)June 15, 2011

Edward I have 8 hanging around largest one

Malika I have about 12 left

Carrie about 10 left same size

Haden a few left

Keitt not too many left

Lancetilla many left but they don't grow and the fall off

Glenn a couple left aout the same size

Ataulfo no fruits but lots of new growth



Booth Cherymoya I left on the tree and one ripening and tons of flower on the Booth and Pierce

Acerola and Capulin

Holiday and Sir Prize Avo

Green Sapote, Jackfruit from Jacob, Granada,Longan and Suebelle Sapote no fruit but growning like crazy

Some Guavas

Tress left out Atemoya, Ilama, 4-5 Avos 6 Guavas, Persimmon, Citrus, Blueberries, Dragon Fruits and a lot of other seedlings....everything is growning great.

I got lots of Veggies growing too

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Beautiful pictures, congrats on all your great looking fruit trees.

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newgen(9 Central California)

Always a treat to see such beautiful growth!
Thanks for sharing the photos.

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Hey Joe,

Wow, it's great to finally see what you are growing. I must say that everything looks really great and super green and healthy. Your Cherimoya is absolutely loaded with Flowers like I have never seen. Your Mangos look great too........I could go on and on, like the Suebelle...very nice.

Thanks for sharing with us Joe, you definietly got it going on.


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Nice Joe,
everything does look so happy. That is a pretty amazing amount of cherimoya blooms, my small trees only open a few blooms at a time, makes pollenation a little harder.

thanks for posting,

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Thanks guys and my pleasure,

I only take the time to post my pics because I know the folks in this forum appreciate and under the hard work of growing tropical fruit tress.


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Hey JF - great camera you got there...

Sad isn't it? The story of the mangos? You've had such a horrid wet cold spring - up until a few days ago, that they all just had no chance to swell and grow! I think that's why you've lost so many...and why all the ones you still have seem so behind the size they should be....well, best of luck with the ones you still have left, bro!

Anyway, I guess it's better than getting 100 degrees like you got last year!

Don't get me wrong - all your growth on the plants themselves looks great, as was commented on, and tomatoes look like you'll get a bunch of good eating....let's hope the warm up continues for the coast....

I wonder what's going on at Mimosa these days....????


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Relax Gary, we still have a long ways to go. Last year I got 7 mangos to ripen 5 Hadens and 2 Mallikas. The Hadens in late August and the Mallikas in late Oct. I'll post some pics of mangos around the hood so you can see what I mean.

We march to our own beat in Socal, grafted mangos are a little more dificult than seedling, just look at your Manila.

My tomatoes are awesome when you come down in Oct. I'll give you a bunch as well as a prized mangos by that time the mango tree sale begins in Mimosa.....well go there too.


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

sounds good JF - sorry I sounded so sour-pussed in my last message.....


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Hey don't worry Gary, I appreciate your passion and I share your disappointment. Here's some pics of three mango trees around my neighborhood so you can see what I'm trying to explain. These are all mature trees and the mangos will ripen by late Oct. early Nov..


first mango tree
close up

second tree

close up

third tree close up only... hopefully you can see what stage we are in, right??

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here is one of my last cherimoya...very creamy, with hint a of bubble gum and pineapple, only 10 seeds.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

yowzer, jf....so many freakin' fruits of pretty good size on them mango trees....I wonder if their are our favorite cousin - Tommy Atkins!!!!!!!!

Yeah, pretty late in the season too.....which is good...but you don't think their Tommies, do you?

thanks, DesertMangoDreamer

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

That cherimoya looks yummy!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow...Awesome pictures! Good luck on all the fruit trees. Thanks for the pictures.

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Love then soucal Mango tree pics Joe..inspirational..even if its a higher level of hard to grow them in the bay area. They seem so touchy..seeing those true tree sized in soucal is amazing.
This year has been a great one for Subelle sapotes..just delicious. My wife see's a golden jumbo sized fruit on the tree and tells me to write her name on it-lol.
What somebody said about mango fruits just coming to a stop in low temperatures I think is true..fruits that held to the same size all May/June..are now adding size in this heatwave. Baileys marvel is still a mystery..not a track record like Manila's.

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MangoDog - I don't know the varieties I've only tasted the mangos of the first tree and I think that's a Haden. The other ones are larger mangos they might be Tommy's.

Thanks Nancy and Marin the cherimoyas were delicious. I'll give you an update of the mangos in the fall.

Stan - you are a very lucky man. I had 12 Suebelle's last year and zero this year. They are in my top ten list for tropical fruits. Maybe in a few years we can trade mangos for Suebelles.

Here is a better pic of Tree#3

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